My Tiwanees Fantasy  

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1/4/2006 10:14 pm

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My Tiwanees Fantasy

During my time in the milatary i had the opertunity to go to Tiwan. While i was there i had learned about how Tiwanees wemen years ago would prepare before having sex.

First they would shower or bath themselves in front of thier lovers and cover themselves with sweet smelling oils.(to me there is nothing like a freshly showered body to arouse me)

Then they would treat thier men to a bath or shower, completly cleaning every inch of him. Then they would cover him in an oil with a sent they liked to smell on him.

After the bathing prosess she would give him a full body massage that would culminate in her masterbating him to a full oral climax.

At this point the sex would depend on how well she knew her lover, which would determine how she would make love to him, or she would allow him to do whatever he wanted to do to her.

It is at this point that my fantasy goes the way i would proceed.This would be with me fist kissing so gently around her face and neck to find that one spot on her that would start her quivering. Once i've found it, i use my lips & tongue to work that spot to make the hair on the back of her neck to rise. Then i would allow my finger tips to slowly carress her from that spot down over her shoulders and over her breasts. There i would use my mouth to moisten her nipples until they are wet & starting to get hard where i would without warning take in a long hard breath through my mouth which would be cold and would immediatly cause her to feel a rush from the sudden burst of cold air.

While her back is arched at this point i would use my finger tip to gently tickle her clit so as to keep at least the quivering going. If she is the type of woman who has clitorl orgasms, i would play with it until she had at least two orgasms usning my finger tips , my tongue , and posibly vibrating toys( if of course she like toys).

Because no to weman are the same i would take this opertunity to roll her over on her belly so i could give her a slow massage, which is actualy a ploy to allow me to use my tongue to find any other g-spot that i could use to arouse her more than she already is(spots like behind the knees,running my tongue up the back of your thighs to your bum, the width of the small of your back, up your spine and to the one spot i like , the back of your neck where the hair is already standing up).While all the while i am not stratling your legs closed, but between them so as to allow you at your pleasure to raise your bum in the air so i can once again tickle your clit with what ever i wish to use.

During all this extended foreplay i would indulge in a pasion of mine, to have a selection of music playing in the background to allow me to to set up a rythum that will blow your mind once i have actualy penatrated you (Barry White, Luther Vandros for those slow grinding moments as i probe deep inside every inch of you).

Now as you lay there on your belly i will gently turn you on your left side to one of my favorite positions, the Elephant, while on my knees with your left leg extented straight out between my legs and your right leg bent at a 90 degree angle, thi allows me to be able to lean forward so i can kiss you at will (a fav of mine while making love to you) While penetrating you.

As you can tell, i am a pleasure giver aand rarely a pleasure seeker. I get great satisfaction from seeing you melt as i use all i know to bring you as many orgasms you can handle.

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