Having my EGO stoked by a woman half my age....  

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1/2/2006 8:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Having my EGO stoked by a woman half my age....

Well ladies & gentleman, i have had a question answered that both men and weman our age have asked ourselves. Do the opposite sex half my age see me as SEXY?

The answer is a big and definative Y E S !!!

This New years weekend i was out dancin at one of my usual dancin spots when i was aproached by a young lady i've seen there on ocation. She around 24 with auburn hair, blue green deep eyes and a smile that lights up the room. She came to ask me to dance with her then to join her at her table.

After a few more dances and a couple more drinks we left and went for coffee. The conversation started her asking why i never hit on her as a few guys close to my age have done. My reply went straight to the point, "not many young ladies your age enjoy having a guy close to thier fathers age hitting on them". ( the creep factor comes to play.) I asked her why she picked me? Her answer was just as simple, "Because your not one of those Old Pervs who are trying to get back something they probaly didn't have in the first place", and anyone who can move that good on the dance floor must have something to show me else where.

So without kissing & telling (something i don't ever get into ) the rest of the night was absolutely fabulous.

So, never think you don't have it because there is someone out there who is half your age who does think you do.

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