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1/11/2006 2:00 pm

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Reading Cosmo

I've been reading Cosmopolitan magazine (the same one written for women) of late. Some might think of me as "queer" for doing this (So what? I'm already "out of the closet" as saying here that I'm bi-curious.), but it isn't that. I'm merely applying one of Sun Tzu's ideas to the dating game - "Know your enemy, know yourself and you shall be victorious." My plan is to get inside a potential date's mind a little, figure out what makes her tick, that sort of thing.

A note about Cosmo's advertising:

Most of the women I've dated don't need cosmetics and designer clothes posted there to look good. Sure they would look good with that stuff, but I liked the way they looked without it, too.

(If a guy is truly interested in you as a person, then he will be whether or not you buy all of that stuff.)

By the way, if any women reading this are reading mags like Maxim, FHM, Stuff, thinking the same thing as I am here, I'd like to compare notes concerning your impressions of them versus those of Cosmo.

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