Bound for Pleasure  

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3/21/2006 4:16 pm
Bound for Pleasure

The darkness was almost total around her. Faint traces of light glimmered weakly at the edges of her vision but the center was a black void. She could not see Him but she knew He was there . . . somewhere . . . in the darkness that engulfed her . . . looking at her . . . watching . . . A slight shiver passed through her body . . . a tiny tremble composed partially of fear, mainly of anticipation. The darkness seemed to deepen, its warm fingers drawing her tighter into its embrace. She felt herself surrendering to it . . . letting it wrap around her . . . letting it carry her out of herself . . . the first step on the journey to that place where He awaited. It had begun the instant the silk scarve had covered her eyes. She had felt His strong fingers tying the knot gently, but firmly, at the back of her head . . . had felt His warm breath on the nape of her neck . . . had felt the familiar flutter in her stomach . . . and could not help but catch her breath as the darkness reached out for her. Now she stood . . . waiting . . . feeling her other senses beginning to sharpen, even as the ability to see became a mere memory. She was still fully clothed and He made no move toward her. He, too, waited . . . waited and watched as the process began. He knew that He was seeing the beginning of her surrender and He had no wish to rush it. The darkness that surrounded her was His accomplice and together they would take her, but only when she was ready. She could feel the tightness of the blindfold over her eyes . . . the silk carressing the sides of her face. She was bound to the darkness now . . . it held her in its arms and presented her to Him . . . as a gift . . . In the absence of light, her hearing became more acute. The sound of His breathing . . . steady and strong . . . entered her ears and flowed into her soul. Her breathing grew deeper and she became intensely aware of the rise and fall of her breasts . . . her nipples stiffened and pushed against the silk blouse aching with the need that was spreading throughout her body. She could feeling it moving from the tips of her fingers and toes and gathering between her legs. Her knees felt shaky. His eyes were on her, she knew. They could see everything that was happening to her and she sensed their approval. The seconds ticked by and still He made no move. Her clothing seemed to tighten around her. Her skin was so sensitive now that the feeling was almost painful. She wanted to be free . . . free of the material that teased her . . . free to feel His touch. Suddenly, she felt Him next to her. She was amazed she had not heard Him move. She had been listening so intently, but the tingling of her skin had taken on a sound of its own and He had slipped noiselessly through it and was now beside her. She held her breath . . . waiting . . . The first touch of His hand sent a shock through her . . . her breath caught in her throat. He took her by the hand and led her through the darkness. Her feet moved . . . she could feel the floor beneath them . . . but she seemed to be floating. Gently, He turned her around and helped her to sit on the edge of the bed. Firmly, He moved her so that she was laying on her back. She offered no resistance . . . was, in fact, unable to . . . she was His and they both knew it. He raised her arms above her head and she felt the silk binds coil around her wrists and secure her firmly to the bed railing. His body shifted on the bed and silken snakes wrapped themselves around her ankles and pulled her legs gently apart. She was breathing in shallow gasps now as the binds and the darkness combined to pull her closer to that place that waited . . . that place she so longed for . . . She felt Him leave the bed. She lay bound and helpless and still completely clothed. Her nipples were so hard that she was sure they would burst through the material completely on their own at any time. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs when she had laid down . . . she could feel the cool air slipping under the edge and sliding along the insides of her thighs . . . being drawn to the moist heat . . . A rustle of clothing caught her attention. She strained to hear . . . to know what He was doing. Was it possible that she could hear Him unbuttoning His shirt? A part of her brain said no, but still she was convinced that she could. On the screen of the darkness she could see the material giving way as each button was undone . . . could see Him pulling it off over His shoulders . . . could see Him standing over her . . . could see the hair on His chest, dark, but with traces of gray . . . The sound of Him undoing His pants invaded her senses next. She watched the scene in her mind as His fingers, strong and sure, undid the belt and snap. The sound of His zipper sliding down flashed into her body like a lightning strike that kissed the tips of her nipples and seared across her thighs . . . She gasped and strained against the binds . . . The heat between her legs grew even more intense as the lightning touched her there. Her panties were now soaked . . . She heard His pants drop to the floor. He was naked, she knew, naked and staring at her. She was clothed and bound. The thought of the contrast was unbelievably arousing for her because she knew that she was the vulnerable one . . . the one about to be taken . . . In a barely audible whisper, the word passed over her lips . . . "please . . . " The answer came in the feel of cold steel at her throat. She tensed . . . barely breathing . . . Slowly, the cold point moved down her body. She heard the snip and felt the material of her blouse give way. With the scissors, He deliberately cut off each button and the silk parted as the petals of a flower open. The cool air rushed in across the hot surface of her skin . . . licking at her nipples . . . sending chills through her body. She struggled to remain still but could not control the tremble. His fingertips brushed the sides of her breasts as He opened her blouse to reveal them completely. A moan escaped her lips. She flinched when she felt the scissors slide up along her legs. He carressed her with them . . . up and down her calves . . . moving higher each time . . . The steel was like ice against the heat of her skin. It tickled the insides of her thighs before taking the material of her skirt in its teeth. Slowly, they bit down and moved higher and the skirt, like the blouse, yielded and opened up. As it did so, it felt to her as if her legs parted even wider. They were shaking now, held down only by the binds at her ankles. She curled her toes and clinched her fists. He was moving so slowly that she wanted to scream, but she didn't. The screams, she knew, would come in time . . . when He was ready. His hands pushed the remains of the skirt aside. She was covered only by the panties now. She went rigid as the steel of the scissors moved over them. She was sure the tip must be glistening with moisture. Carefully, He slipped them under the waistband and began to cut. Her mind reeled . . . she felt as if He was literally opening her and as the material fell away, she knew that she was, in fact, open before Him . . . her flesh was parted and inviting . . . begging for Him to enter . . . She lay with her clothing cut away and her defenses completely gone. He could do anything He wanted to her. His hands began to touch her. She felt His fingers on her breasts . . . teasing her nipples by pulling on them . . . His lips were on her throat . . . she could hear the arousal in His breathing . . . He moved over her body . . . kissing . . . carressing . . . awakening every nerve ending she had . . . When she felt His breath bewteen her legs, she arched her hips and moaned aloud. Her scent filled the air and she heard Him inhale deeply of it. The first touch was so light, she was not sure if it was real or only in her mind. But then the tip of His tongue slipped between her lips and she cried out at the sheer pleasure of it. Slowly . . . thoroughly . . . His tongue explored her . . . slipping through the folds of sensitive flesh . . . sliding through her wetness . . . teasing her most intimate places . . . She strained at her binds, wanting to thrash about, but unable to. Her moans came unchecked now as the sensations built and flooded through her. She was racing toward the edge, ready to throw herself off the cliff and into the exquisite pleasure, but each time she thought it would happen, He would back off and leave her tettering there . . . aching . . . As His mouth moved between her legs, His hands moved over her breasts. He squeezed them . . . stroked them . . . rolled her nipples between His fingers. Her body was on fire . . . a thousands tiny flames converging into one blazing inferno. Her moans and cries bounced off of the walls and echoed throughout the room. She began to whisper the word "please" with an urgency that threatened to become panic. She needed release. She needed to cum more desperately than she needed to breathe. Sensing the time had arrived, He moved His lips to her clit, surrounded it, and sucking and licking pushed her toward the edge again. But this time, He did not stop and as the scream ripped from her throat, she went over the edge and the wave crashed down upon her and carried her away to that place that only He could take her to. Her body shook . . . she raised her hips as high as she could . . . the breath rushed from her lungs and she clung to the moment for as long as she could. His mouth stayed on her as He sucked her wetness and her orgasm from her body and let them slide down His throat. Only when the feeling began to ebb did He stop. She lay trembling and quaking with the aftershocks. He stroked her thighs and slid up her body to kiss her. She tasted herself on His lips and longed to wrap her arms around Him. In answer to this thought, He undid her wrists and her ankles and she melted into Him. Her legs went around His hips and she felt His hardness slide effortlessly into her body. With a power that took her breath away, He moved in her, fired by His own need now. His cock pierced her time and time again and she raced once again for that cliff. She felt His body tremble and knew that He was there too and they went over the edge . . . together this time . . . surrendering to one another . . . Mmmmmm she purred...Tomorrow night your turn.

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