Blindfolded at the Office....  

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3/27/2006 5:57 pm
Blindfolded at the Office....

Living in a loveless and nonsexual marriage is my reasoning for what happened that night, I'll not deny that. And maybe a few shots helped in the process. Mix it all up and you have what I'm about to share with you.
I haven't met him yet, but he was coming in town tomorrow night. We talked about meeting a few times on line, but now that it's almost here I don't know if I can go through it. He was going t0o call to make sure everyone else has went home for the day. I worked the late shift and was alone in the office at night.
The night started out the same. I had a stack of paperwork to file. Pop up the Quickbooks and warm up the scanner.Print out the detail's of the activities on the system.
I had a few calls before I got his.Surprised to be hearing from him this evening, but a nice one. I had a run in with hubby before coming to work, so I could use some sweet words. He said he was on his way home and would like it if I could keep him company.
In between calls and faxes coming in we talked and laughed about finally meeting tomorrow night. He expressed how he wanted to know if I could be submissive. I in return told him that I've always felt I wanted to explore the Dom/Sub experience.
In the middle of the conversation I got a call in and he lost signal. So I thought that was it for talking to him. I just smiled thinking about tomorrow night. It was 20 minutes later and he called back. He asked me to walk outside and look on my passenger side mirror. I giggled and said "What are you talking about?" He said "If you don't go look you'll never know. There is something waiting for you."
Walking to the door I could see there was something hanging on my mirror. I couldn't belive it. I asked him "Where are you?" Your not here you can't be." He just chuckled and said "Unlock the door and go see." Looking around with the phone still to my ear. I unlocked the door and walked to my truck. Hanging on the mirror was a black blindfold. OMG I was floored. Looking around again I asked where are you? "No, not yet. I want you to go back inside, leave the keys in the door and go sit behind your desk. Put the blindfold on and wait for me."
Heart dropped to my feet, hands gone cold. There is no way this is really happeneing. He can't be here. I'm not ready. I came to work right out of the shower, My hair barely brushed and no makeup on. Hell no bra. Just a tank under my t-shirt. And he was here. Somewhere but here to meet me. Holly Shit I was freaking. But....I went back inside. Left the keys in the door and went to sit at my desk. Just like he asked.
I sat down and couldn't not believe I was puting a blindfold over my eyes and waiting for a complete stranger to walk into my office. I didn't hear him drive up, but I hear him come in the door and lock it. My hands were shaking as I felt him rub my shoulders. His voice was rugged and masculine. Deep but clear and precise. I felt him move my hair and bend to kiss my neck. Chills ran up my spine. With a finger under my chin he guided my face to turn right. I was bitting my lower lip out of old habit until I felt his warm breath on my cheek. He was moving closer to kiss me. Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. As his lips grazed mine I knew then that I would do anything he asked me to.
He excused himself for a minute, and asked for me not to remove the blindfold just yet. I heard him walk towards the restroom. When he closed the door I slipped the blindfold down to see his keys sitting with mine on top of the scanner along with his cell phone. He turned the water on and I slipped the blindfold back over my eyes.
Again I felt him behind me, he was caressing my hair this time. And telling me he wanted to surprise me. I told him I was extremely surprised. "In a good way I hope?" "Yes, In a good way, was my reply." He reached for my hand and pulled me up to stand in front of him. Kissing me softly, I pulled him closer and out my arms around his neck. Deep long sensual kisses were exchanged. My breathing increased. I asked if I could please take the blindfold off?"
"Yes you may." I slowly slide the blindfold off. Twinkle light flashed then my vision caught up. There he was standing in front of me. The man who with mere words made my body ignite with a firey passion like no other.
We stood eye to eye. I was locked in time unable to move. He smiled and I just couldn't help myself so I kissed him fully darting my tongue into his sweet mouth. My breast were being pressed against his chest, while his thigh was rubbing between mine. I could feel his hardness straining thru is dress slacks. As my hands roamed his back I felt his hands travel from my ass & hips to my breast. My nipples aches for him to brush over them. He played and tease me by caressing them all over except my nipples.
I arched my back higher in hopes of him knowing what I craved. He was attentive to my move and slowly slide his hand under my shirt into my tank top. There he felt my desire and hard ass nipples dying for his touch. Sweet sighs filled the almost empty office.
He suddenly pulls away and guides me gently back to my chair. He pulls the extra chair over in front of me. He smiles at me & looks into my eyes. My cheeks flush and again I bite my lower lip. The phone rings drawing us both back. Back to work for a few minutes for me. Giving him time to look around. I'm watching him out of the corner of my eye while settleing this job. He has a sleak and sexy sauter about him. A smooth charmer in everyway.
As I'm about to hang up, like he knows. I feel his hands lightly caressing down my side. Cat like teasing me. I've no doubt that as soon as I hang up. I'm taking his hand and leading him behind the inner wall. It's a cozy nook. Just enough room for me to lay my coat down for us. I turn to him as I hang the phone up. Ask him if he wanted to lay down for a minute.
The sexy smile and nod of his head tells me yes. Grabing my coat and walking to the nook. I lay it down and say" Gentlemen 1st. I have him exactly where I want him. Standing in front of him I drop to my knees and crawl up his body. Kissing him passionatly as I take my place on top of him. His hands can't resist and find my over mounding breast. Mmmmmmm was all that my mind would allow my body to say aloud.
The kissing became heated and again I felt his cock aching and growning harder with me wiggles on his lap. If I wasn't turned then I sure as fuck was by his cock twitching beneath me. I wasn't going to play the submissive any long. I took control and stripped him naked in 10 seconds flat. Spreading his thighs so I could kiss between them. He saw the lust burning deep in my eyes & knew how sexual starved I was.
I started out slow & senusal, licking lightly and sucking softly. His cock was huge compared to what I'd been getting. His veins were pumping blood all over his cock as I was licking them. Enjoyment was filling the emptiness,as his hard throbbing cock was filling my mouth. Making a bold move my hand started stroking along as my lips and mouth continued to suck and slather his yummy hardness. Precum seeped out and that was like giving a bee a saucer of honey. I was hooked. I was going to suck this man dry.
Slow hand movements and constant lips action made him cry out "Yes....Oh God....Yes." His hands found a home in my hair and neck. Pushing my mouth to take him deeper and deeper. He began to fuck my mouth. Harder and faster. I could feel his hips lifting off the floor and him gasping when I kept sucking him down. Tickling my tonsels, jamming his cock as far and deep as my lonely mouth could take. With 2 long sensual thrust, I felt him shutter and release my prize. Spasm after spasm I swallowed. Drinking the molton white liquid of his sexual fulfillment.
Spent and totally shocked. He laid there gathering his senses back and taking in what just happened. I don't think he knew what to expect, but certainly never expected My only words to him was next time. You wear the blindfold....

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