my poetry - for my daughter  

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6/27/2006 5:59 pm

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my poetry - for my daughter

My Best Day

What Can I say?
About the day
Born without a curl
A beautiful rosy girl
A blessing to us
With parents making a fuss
She grew to a child
Never to act wild
She brightens my life
And chases away my strife
Never a day goes by, she doesn't smile
She jokes and laughs all the while
She's growing...and will soon be a teen
What lies ahead is unforeseen
But worry will I not
For smarts she has got
Till the day I walk her down the aisle
It will seem like a mile
For once asked...which day is my best?
I pondered... and put my memory to the test
I realized not even in jest
Everyday Samantha is part of my life...That is my Best.

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