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9/1/2005 2:43 pm

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It is safe to say that the day of the year that I like the least is September 1st. Summer is over.

Yes, I know, it still goes on for a few more weeks before it is officially fall, but whatever. I'm in frickin Maine. I figure by September 3rd it will be back down into the 50's and shortly after that the snow will come back.

I always take my skis out today and bring them in to get them tuned. I always think that will help me look forward to the winter. But that's just me playing a stupid joke on myself. Because then when I get the skis back, I think about how it will be months before I can even use them.

The colors in the trees are cool when they start to make the switch. So far I see no changes outside, but that will probably change tomorrow. But then they turn brown and fall into my yard, and I get to rake them up.

Another thing that always happens is that I think I haven't spent enough time at the beach, even if I have.

Plus all the women start putting their clothes back on.

But hey, there is one good thing to look forward to. Going to the bus stop and making fun of all the little kids who have to go back to school.

Haha to them.

*and no, I don't really go to the bus stop and pick on the kids. While that would be funny to imagine, I have more important things to do with my time, like.......writing useless crap on a blog on a site where nothing is really as it seems. lol.

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