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9/9/2005 3:02 pm

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You know it's been six years since I had to wear one of those things?

And when I had to put one on again- I was fricking indestructable.

When I purchased the things, the guy behind the counter told me that if you flip them inside out, the ribbing can become "for his pleasure" rather than "for her pleasure". lol. Never knew that.

But what I also forgot- was that with one of those things on I can last for fricking ever.

Yay being single and needing to wear a bullet proof vest again.

ming767 46F

9/11/2005 4:41 pm

So tell me about that experience? Is there truth to the saying *It's like taking a shower with all your clothes on( and the boots to boot LO?
~ Ming767~

9Inches917 39M

9/12/2005 10:30 am

Explaining a situation to someone who was there is always fun.

Taking a shower with all your clothes on? LoL. Never heard that one before. I wouldn't say it's nearly as ridiculous as that, and not nearly as uncomfortable afterwards either.

The experience itself was great. Yes, I pulled a groin muscle in the back of that Jeep, but it was well worth it. Back seats are not made for people of my size to be doing those sort of things. Good thing I'm "limber".

I think the bed proved to allow for more movement, more minor acrobatics and allowed for me to see those eyes cross more than once.

The condom was a necessary "evil". Sure- the feeling of connection would have been far more intense had the latex not been present. But when you jump from 1st gear to 6th gear in one shift, you lose momentum and put a strain on your engine that isn't worth it, some cars might stall out if you tried it. Not worth the risk if you ask me.

On a scale of one to ten I would give the initial experience a 9. Round two (and three ) were easily a 9.5 and a 9.6.

Stupid three packs prevented round four, which was too bad. Fortunately- I went out and purchased stock in Church & White today, so maybe I can get a shareholder discount which could come in handy in a couple of weeks.

You keep bringing the target "Ming"- and I'll make sure we always have ammo and armor.

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