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2/23/2005 9:29 pm

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Thoughts Of A Thinking Thong

I am so stoked that I finally went to my first AdultFriendFinder was a honkin' long drive to San Pedro, I was with a tempermental Ex who didn't give a shit about seeing the Queen Mary (I accidently drove too far) but what I discovered was that it's not so hard to tell a guy IN PERSON (as opposed to in chat) that he's your type (tall and shy) and you wouldn't mind him getting ahold of you.

Meaning, of course, AdultFriendFinder mail, or chat, but actually getting a hold (in my arms I mean ) of him last night was so fuckin' great I can't believe I've been carrying around a cryin' towel for the last fuckbuddy/pal/boyfriend I found on AdultFriendFinder.

It cracks me up that some of the shyest types have the horniest handles...but there's something about a shy guy when you get them in the sack, suddenly they make the noises and sounds and they're hollering thanks that a girl likes to hear when she's doing what his grateful loud celebration of lust encourages you to keep doing what you're doing.

Quiet lovers are the worst, they fuck up your timing, they don't get the rhythm and they don't open up communication for fun and new things...or even what may be their favorite things but how would you know when they don't tell you so and hardly even moan or shudder once they've shot their wad? You feel like more of a receptacle than a participant.

So wow, when last night started with an IMMEDIATE FIT, and that was just in the kissing and hugging department...and the noises were nice and they led to more...I found myself doing and saying and screaming all the things I've held inside because somebody I'd been wasting myself on had been wasting his wit and personality in the chatroom...and not saving it for the bedroom.

I've got a new boyfriend now, a regular one, with good credentials and no idea I fuck guys from a sex site...but this new AdultFriendFinder Reserved Romeo is just my cup of meat, well actually several cups, all 6'5" of him. He stood out at the party like Gary Cooper in Munchkinville. I said 5 words to him..."I like the tall ones..."

And that was fuckin' that! He Took The Hint And Gives Great Head...(there's Hole's next hit...or did they break up?)

Well, It took two weeks to hit the sheets, & Every time up til then when he's called me I'd get so wet I'd slide off my chair. I wish I'd had the cam on that first night on the phone when he told me even my voice gave him a boner...I must have smiled like a happy-crotched crocodile & I couldn't wait to see that stiffie and when I finally saw it I couldn't wait to fuck it.

I wish my boyfriend wasn't coming back for 3 months and not three weeks, cuz I don't do the juggling act so well. I said goodbye (via email how chickenshit) to my old fuckbuddy last night , and shall miss our regular romps in our usual Pasadena Hotel...but Gary Cooper is cuddlier, cuter, smarter, taller, has bigger and better hands AND he's a gentlemen who never flirts with another chick when I'm in chat.

In fact, the only reason the new improved taller better smelling fuckbuddy was in chat after we met was looking for me, (as I was looking for him...) but now we can skip all that and get back to the private noisemaking and getting to know if we're as comfy just chillin' as we are warm and affectionate AND amazingly compatible sex afficianados!

So AdultFriendFinder, you did it again, you crash-landed a great guy into my lap, and for as long as he keeps his head down there...I'll be one happy chirping yapping screaming moaning cummingbird.

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