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2/19/2006 4:03 pm

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“Pussyfooting with a good mind book!”

This is going to be charged with sexual innuendo and wicked suggestion, so you have been warned to lie low with this verse and make sure you’re alone in your bed while feeding on these frenzied and naughty words which are now slowly said in a curse.

And to make sure that the epithets which come out, as you will probably shout, are heard less by anyone else, just your own husky voice within your pretty blonde head, which is soon to be full of sinful devices and whatever ways we can to get you to burst with excitement.

So I want you to begin with your fingers within, which should be gentle and moist, rubbing ever so slightly on your tiny collar rose bud called Trixie Bell and your silky, velvet gloved entrance to my seventh heaven, which for better or worse we’ll call Pussy and with my Horsey lets play,

Now while encouraging your lust, I want you to trust and think on your wanton needs which in turn fan your flames of desire within and like you to really want and to feel this good mind book move deep inside all of your sin!

And you’ll know better the best scene for this rude endeavor which should smolder and heat your brazen fashion, you must of course be wearing black boots and a short skirt, with very little else on your skimpy attire.

And as you lay, almost naked to me, I would like to guess at one or two of the different things you would like to do for me, in my sexual helter, shelter fiesta for you and hopefully a horny delight with many a flirty and dirty fetish, which will be served with splendor at tea.

First I have introduced a brunette lady with voluminous choices for you to dive into and explore and while doing so, I’ll afford you the floor of an athletic bronzed man with all his pert vices and of course at only firm bottom fantasy prices. So now you have two: a man and his lady, who are passionate and crazy to now perform to all your sexual prompts, romps and whims.

We now have no shame and are set on this game with pleasure and seedy surprises. With your fingers frantically busy and your mind slightly dizzy, I will now lick away your salty responses and would also move my fingers within and with sleazy licks would tickle and tease all your voices with gin.

And let’s hear all your moans and your groans: any curse words which will come out: that’s a really “good book” and that’s a great flying Horse in my, my, my-what a stunt, you’ll grin and agree.

Now we’ve done all I can to explore you as a sexual moor and that’s all I dare say before you show me the door and hope that the pleasure is done and you’ll be satisfied with just a little more fussing on your sweet, sweaty Pussy with a jolly good mind book and willingly lie back relaxed, positively full to the brim with my outrageously good mind cream.

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2/19/2006 5:34 pm

I am a happy reader

Purry {=}


passionblue_ie 50M
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2/19/2006 11:35 pm

Thanks PurryKitty {=}

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