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6/10/2006 10:22 am





Okinawa. Though, I've been living and travelling all around Japan and Asia for the past 10 years, I finally had my first chance to go see Okinawa first-hand; instead of looking down at it as I passed over it so many times on my way to Taipei, Hong Kong, or somewhere else in SE Asia from Tokyo.

Again, I find it refreshing when people don't live up to the expectations created by news media or other films about a location or group of people---particularly when you expect mobs or gangs of people to come at you with ropes and axes to atone for the sins of your country's government meddling in their internal affairs.

But, I found the Okinawa people to be as gentile as possible. Very generous, open-minded, and accepting of people from around the world---quite a contrast to views of most people in Tokyo and in most of Japan in general. Recently, most Japanese have become even more xenophobic due to recent news feeds about foreigners bad habits or deeds in Japan. NHK or other t.v. channels rarely spend much time expounding on the better things that foreigners bring to Japan... like a labor force.

Anyway, just two days, in the rainy season in Okinawa. But that was enough to garner enough interest in me wanting to go back again, soon.

No, I don't think Okinawa is better than Hawaii. I haven't been to the Okinawan beaches yet to make a more professional opinion on that, though.

Photo: inside the Marriott, in Nago-shi, Okinawa, north of Naha by about 40km.

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