Wings Of A Raven  

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Wings Of A Raven

O my gentle healer, little white dove
Thy task is endless when ye follow me.
Aye, 'tis victorious I am at each battle;
My banner flies torn and tattered
As the Valkýr come to gather the hero's.
I know not why I must continue on.
Tho my wing be shorn
Tho my leg be broke
Still I must hobble onward
To the next foeman I face.
An any say ye art næ worthy
An a sword or axe ye do næ wield,
'Tis I who will descend 'pon them;
Tho grievous wounded I be
To show them the greatest of all -
The gentle healer who doth follow
To mend my wings, tattered and torn,
That they might fight their next battle
And sig would be theirs once again.

Copyright © 1991 rj-

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