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With broadsword swinging in both hands
I turned to my foes and snarled,
"Take me if you can you fools.
My hands are not that gnarled.

"Better foemen than you have I faced
When I was but a babe.
At nine I slew my age twice fold
With naught in my hand but a spade.

"At nineteen I was a great general;
The mightiest of them all.
I led my armies in the wars
And never did I fall.

"My own kingdom did I have
When I was but twenty-nine.
Emperors and kings bowed before me -
The entire world was mine.

"At thirty-nine I gave up my crown;
Of civilized rule I grew weary.
So take me if you feel you can -
Tho both my eyes be bleary."

My foes turned their backs and ran
As my words split the air.
I spat and laughed aloud at them -
Then stopped as I saw you there.

Saucily you smiled and winked,
Your applause deliberate and slow.
Then you turned and walked away.
I stood and watched you go.

Then something deep inside me snapped
As I watched your sultry back.
I was nineteen again and in my prime -
A stallion who's been given slack.

I followed you to your little room;
Prancing - to show you my style.
Over your shoulder you looked at me
And gave me a sly sweet smile.

I roared and screamed and pawed the air;
Shaking, I bucked in your arms.
Completely exhausted I fell to the ground -
A victim of your charms.

I'm a mighty warrior; destroyer of all -
A barbarian thru and thru.
I who had never known defeat before
Was finally conquered by you.

"To you fair maiden, I doff my helm -
The victory was yours complete.
You've done what a thousand others tried;
My sword I lay at your feet."

"The victory was not mine alone bold one.
'T'was ours together from the start.
For if in truth you stay for awhile
I just might show you my heart."

Again I roared and people stopped
And looked around in wonder.
They glanced to the clear blue skies above
And looked askance for the thunder.

Many battles have I fought;
Kings and demons have I slew.
Never before in my life
Had I a victory such as you.

Copyright © 1993 rj-

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