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10/17/2005 8:29 pm

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Tell Me When

I told you I loved you
I thought it would make it harder to stay
You are such a wonderful person
How could I go away?

It is so hard to describe
How and why I love you as I do
If everyone saw you through my eyes
They would love you too

If they felt the warmth and gentleness
The kindness and beauty that radiates from your soul
Your beautiful eyes and bright smile
The innocence of a newborn foal

If they could just see you as I do
That would be all it would take
The whole world would be in love with you
But it is I who wants to be your mate

I want to hold you in my arms
Serenade you with a song
Give you everything you deserve
Make love with you all night long

I thought I loved before
With the excitement that a boy can
It is nothing to what I feel for you now
You are loved by a man

I know you are not ready
There are too many things on your mind
You have issues to resolve
Answers to questions you must find

I will wait for an eternity
Until you are ready to love again
It will be well worth the wait
All you have to do is tell me when

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