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8/22/2005 2:23 pm

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The soft supple leather
Rides up to the thigh.
As you slowly danced past
They caught my eye.

I turned my head to watch your dance;
The wind said, "Wild and free."
Mesmerized I caught my breath
As you sashayed up to me.

Sassy laughter filled the air
And I swore I heard them say:
"Hi there lover. I'm Boots.
Do you want to play?

"We'll ride the wildest wind
And laugh at the strongest storm.
Astride your chariot of steel
I'll be in perfect form.

"We'll float on clouds of smoke
And dance on a silver moonbeam.
The life you live with me
Will be just like a dream.

"A wilder lover you won't find
If you search far and wide.
C'mon lover. Spread your wings
And let's go for a ride."

I blinked my eyes and shook my head.
"Excuse me. What did you say?"
You looked at the table neatly racked.
"Hi. I'm Boots. Wanna play?"

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