A Warriors Prayer  

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A Warriors Prayer

Shed not for me thy tears.
'Tis not my weird to watch the world grow dim.
Life is not to be measured by years;
Only by the deeds of men.
Thy gentle soul is my shield.
All I ask of thee is to serve.
Ten thousand foemen well met 'pon yon field;
For thee my sword will ne'er swerve.
'Tis not in my mind to ask why.
Nor to ask that which there is no answer.
For wisdom I hath searched low and high
And wonder what it is I battle for.

My senses feel not pain nor my mind despair.
My eyes know not tears nor my heart fear.

I am but a spark in the darkness.
When thou notices me I shall be gone.
With newer lights thou shalt be blessed;
Thy image of me fore'er done.
Whether 'tis right or wrong I can not say.
I feel not joy nor sadness for what I believe.
The past changes as the moments slip away;
Pray not for a future when I am with thee.
Thou honours but a single hero in thy song:
He whose sword arm stilled the foe.
I pray thee remember and right thy wrong;
Five hundred heroes died unsung, unremembered and alone.

My ships lay in an unknown fjord, the crew sleeps one last night.
My heart is heavy for friends I'll not see after the coming fight.

Again I pray thee, shed not tears for me.
On the morrow my sword ne'er shall cease.
For a warriors only crime is cowardice;
Life is but a prison, death my release.

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