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2/15/2006 5:29 pm

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Yeah so thanks to the sudden change in weather coupled with working with the public i get to enjoy a nice case of the *insert flu-esque affliction here*.

But thats not the point...point is I have seen some of the worst parenting in my life in the past 4 days. So this lady is at the shop across from mine and her kids are out side of it in the hall..Now mind you I really didn't give two shits at this point but it gets better...Anyways hte kids have got to be 4 and 2 at most a girl and a boy. Anyways the little boy ( the 2 year old) runs into my shop and grabs one of the displays and runs off with it so naturally I have to chase after him....Now I'm throughly pissed at this point... So I take the display back from him and yell at the mom to watch her kids, which mind you shes hasn't been watching for an hour at this point. Then the bitch goes out into the hall and yell at the girl for not watching her brother...And this goes on for another hour

How do some people survive on a daily basis I'll never know. OH in other news standard members can contact me ^_^

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