Anyone know a good mechanic?  

8InchDicInVegas 33M
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7/16/2006 11:30 pm
Anyone know a good mechanic?

Sooooo what a day today. Been having car troubles...I think it something in the fuel system but its hard to say. Anyways I had the bright idea to change the fuel filter see if anything was in it clogging the line or what. So long story short backpressure in the line combined with the heat of the day caused gas to blast me square in the face......and it hurt like like 8 bitches in a bitch boat. then some got in my ear and well I'm still feeling that and it happened 6 hours ago.

So If anyone know a good honest mechanic..or if you happen to be one. Please help me out here I can't afford this crap. And no worries i haven't been horribly disfigured or anything like that...yet anyways

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