My wife gang banged  

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My wife gang banged

Me and Maria privately we get pretty wild, publically our behavior is conservative however we do nude sunbath regularly, frequent nude beaches on vacation and enjoy swing clubs and all kind of group sex.

I'd say we were a pretty average couple. Maria and I are both in our 50's with kids, neither in any rush to remarry. We are both professionals motivated to stay healthy, active, trim and sexy for each other. Maria is just a fun person who really enjoys life, one side of her is a firm conservative Mom and other Maria is an innovative insatiable lover.

She's a beauty with an awesome body sculpted, even after having three kids she still looks awesome. Today, our relationship is open sexually and we are emotionally committed to each other, very much in love.

We had a pretty good sex life with no hang ups always looking for new ways to keep the sparks flying in our bedroom. Some years ago, in the end of our twenties begin of our thirties I ordered some XXX DVD's which we both enjoyed. Since then "Adult" Movie night with wine and cheese became a regular Saturday matinee or evening ritual in our house. Our love making got more satisfying, intense and kinky during adult movie nights graduating into orgy, wife switching and swinger releases. From this we graduated to, dildos, dress up and role playing sex games.

First game we invented we named "Strange" where one of us assumed the identity of a visiting friend, neighbor or repairman. Pretending to be alone in the house the doorbell would ring and the visiting person soon found themselves in a sticky situation.

Naturally they tried to resist but would finally give into temptation ending up lustfully shagged rotten! Then came into "threesome" where Maria or I created an imaginary third person (her dildo) and pretended she was fucking two guys at once. We also purchased a silicone pussy for same “girl guy girl” threesome pleasure.

Later on we introduced an innovation called "Tiny Dancer" where she dressed up in sexy lingerie and strips for me pretending I am a patron in a strip club. She truly gets off on teasing me (him) until I (he) gets so worked up and horny he attacks her burying my face in her wet hot pussy and then fucks her on the table or dance floor like a sex crazed customer!
Truth is we both have active imaginations and love to play the part. The more we got into our games the more we mutually desired another couple or single to make our fantasy reality.
But one day:

Maria decided to take some time off two weeks before join me on my business seminar. We didn't know any of the forty men and women attending the seminar so we felt comfortable getting a bit wild on the trip. During the week Maria and I had drinks with the group then split off on our own for dinner. We decided to join the group Thursday night for some drinks. We all had a great time dancing and partying until midnight. Maria showed her talent dancing with most of the guys before the night ended. I had more than one complement and a few "you lucky bastard" comments before the night ended.

Next day began with Alka Seltzer and hot coffee. Maria slept in then relaxed at the spa as we all muddled through the daily presentations. That Friday we all rallied at 8 pm to make our way to the festivities at a local bar. The group was made up about 15 guys and girls all about the same age. We began in a Jazz bar known for his gay section. As the Jazz band already started playing, the hostesses seated folks in all available spaces.

We struck up a conversation with two younger girls who were seated at our parties table. Turned out, one was married and her friend was single looking to show her bi-curious friend girl on girl pleasures. I looked down and saw the unmarried girl rubbing her cute blond friend’s crotch. One of our partners, Marion was taking pictures of us all, so I motioned to her to give me her camera. I took a picture of the crotch rubbing in full view of our table and handed it back to Marion who showed the picture to the group and the young girls.

The unmarried girl looked at the picture, then started kissing her friend passionately which they gave to both a warm round of applause from the guys.

After that we decided to go out the group with the only four single guys. Walking back to the hotel, the topic of wife dancing at home for her husband comes up to my mind and I could not resist bragging on Maria's talent, telling them she kept her skills honed by stripping regularly for me at home.
With my encouragement they pleaded with her to give them a quick sample. Maria feeling no pain after downing two margaritas and two tequila’s shots agreed to show her talents.

I pulled her close to ask her if she was serious, she said hell yes, I asked her again she insisted she really wanted to so I invited all to our suite for a drinks and a show since we had the room with a living area and separate bedroom.

Maria went back to the bedroom to dress up while I poured the scotch and found a good music channel. After about 15 minutes I dimmed the lights cranked up the music, introduced her then stood back like her agent to watch. She strolled into the room wearing a mouth watering sexy black lace see through top, matching black skirt slit up the side, underneath her top was a red lace bra holding up her firm tits, sexy matching red lace panties, topped off with black thigh high stockings and sexy red high heels.

She looked fantastic as she strolled provocatively around the room as they cheered and clapped so Maria began a dirty dancing! She was really getting into this and Dave begged for her to take off her lace top and Jim begged for her skirt each time with Maria getting my nod of approval.

Maria looked great as she sensuously danced in only her bra, panties, nylons and heels she began touching herself. She "table danced" for each guy and they were really egging her on to get totally naked. Maria looked at me and I nodded OK. As the cheers rang out to "Go Go Go" she slowly teased her way out of her bra exposing her near perfect tits and hard nipples. She teased them rubbing her firm tits, squeezing her erect nipples and wet crotch.

Now they started begging for her panties out: Maria looked at me as they cheered "Go Go Go", I nodded, so slowly she danced for suggestively working her panties down her long sexy legs, bending over to give all a full view of her ass and swollen moist pussy lips as she stepped out of her panties kicking them off catching them in her hand.

Now Maria was totally nude dancing in only her nylons and high heels. She twirled her panties around on her finger before tossing them to Dave who caught them and stuffed them in his mouth! She started grinding and rubbing her pussy and tits, she dropped to the floor rolled on her back legs in the air opening her legs wide to show them her womanhood and more it was very erotic and arousing series of moves, even fingering herself them slowly licking her juices something she'd never at home.

I knew if I did not end it soon, she was going to get fucked to all, but I really wanted to see how far she'd go and deep down I strongly wanted to watch her get laid by these horn guys so I let it go. The room atmosphere changed now from one strip tease to four very horny guys who all wanted to fuck Maria and Maria who clearly exciting these men!

Dave was the more excited and he was begging if she would let him suck her nipples as she shook her tits in his face. Once again Maria looked at me and I again gave her am OK. As she hesitated, the guys started cheered "Go Go Go. Maria took the decision and she straddled his lap, grinding her naked snatch into the bulge in his crotch and lifting her firm tits & hard nipples to his mouth he flicked and licked her erect nipples taking great care to suck each one while she ground her pussy into his crotch.

Maria tossed her head back as Dave spread her ass cheeks apart dry fucking her then reached between her legs and fingered her wet pussy which she allowed for a good 30 seconds before she pushed off him to resume her dancing.

Maria then danced to the next guy allowing him time to feel her tits and pussy before she push off him and moved guy to guy. Finally she returned to Dave, she sat in his lap again fingering and rubbing herself with both hands then offering her fem juiced fingers to Dave to lick clean.

Jim, Mark and Fred watched intently as Dave finger fucked Maria and sucked her nipples her hips gyrated around his middle fingers deeply in her hot wet pussy. Maria was going all the way she undid his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock!

Overwhelmed, all three guys went over and started fondling her tits, nipples, legs and ass. They took off her heels and nylons leaving her totally nude. Fred pulled his dick out and offered it her. I know when Maria is turned on by her eyes, what I saw was a super charged "fuck me now" look.

Maria was really enjoying turning these guys on and was so into the attention I knew she was beyond any point of resistance, she started sucking Fred’s cock. The sight of these guys fondling Maria and the prospects of watching her getting gang banged gave me a raging hard on as well.

Fred asked me "You OK with this?" Which I answered turning my head to Maria, "Honey, how far do you want to go?" Maria just nodded her head as Fred pumped her mouth with his cock as she stroked and gagged on hard his thick cock. "Guys, as long as you can keep a secret and she's game, she's all yours!"

Maria pulled Dave’s shirt off, Fred stripped, and Maria undid Dave’s pants and undressed him. Now the three were totally nude with Dave and Fred sprouting healthy hard on. Maria laid back on the couch, Dave burred his face in her pussy while she sucked off Fred. She was so turned on as Dave did his magic to her clit and pussy she blew Fred like there was no tomorrow.

Soon she was crying "oh yes oh god oh oh" as she shook in her first of many orgasms! Dave moved between her legs pressing his cock head against her dripping wet engorged labia. As Dave eased himself into her she let out a loud "oh God YES, Yes Yes that feels sooooo gooooood!!" he slowly took her missionary as her hips began moving with his she grabbed Fred’s cock taking it in her mouth again stroking the shaft and deep throating him.I could not believe my eyes, seeing my wife fucking Dave wildly and sucking Fred.

Dave only lasted a few minutes once she grabbed his ass and thrust her pussy against his cock; he lost it and blew his wad inside her. Fred wasted no time. We all ragged Dave about his speedy performance, Dave laughed saying her pussy was so good he just lost all control. Fred turned Maria over to take her doggy style sinking his thick meat deep in her; she let out another passionate moan of pleasure.

Mark laid on the couch so she could go down on him while Fred got in sync with Maria, her ass moving to meet his cock as he pumped her from behind. Fred was really giving her a good fuck, long and deep as she moaned "oh god yes that's the way I like it...oh yes". It was awesome watching the two bodies move together in a doggy style love dance.

Fred had great control as she moaned he reach under her to play with her clit until she cried out "oh yes, yes that’s it rub my clit fuck me oh God yes oh yes I'm cuuumming" she shook uncontrollably as her orgasm shot through her body and for the first time ever jets of fem juice squirted out of her pussy onto the couch.

Fred was close to coming as Maria's thrust her ass wildly against his cock moving in and out of her drenched pussy faster and faster his balls slapping against her until she cried out and came again squiring more love juice. Fred told Mark to "get ready, I can't hold back any longer!" Fred groaned, grabbing her shoulders he thrust deep and hard in her hole launching a second load of sperm into her sweet pussy.

After voiding his balls Fred pulled out, Mark rolled her over on her back and immediately sank his cock deep in Maria's gapping cum filled pink glory hole, she moaned out a cry totally lost in her lust while Mark fucked her like a Cave Man, telling Jim to get ready because he wouldn't last long either.

Now these guys had a full operation underway, Dave and Fred held Maria's legs by her ankles holding them high and wide as Mark road her missionary, Maria rubbed her clit with her fingers with lighting speed as she closed in on another orgasm. Within a
minute Mark arched his back, lifted her ass up into him groaning as cum shot from his barrel deep in her hole he emptied his balls shooting a third load of cum inside.

Mark collapsed in top of her both gasping for air exhausted from their love sprint. Now it was Jim’s time; Jim was a like a bull, a muscular black man, and he said to Maria she go to get the ride of her life! I expected him to be hung but when he dropped his pants we all in unison let out a "holy shit!"

Maria opened her eyes and muttered "oh my god". Dave joked I'd better get the wide angle lens for this one. Mark moved off the couch as Jim dangled his half erect black cock and huge ball sack in front of Maria She took it in her hands and began to lick and stroke the shaft. I am not exaggerating when I said the head was as big as a tennis ball and the shaft was so thick she could not get her hand around it.

Now the three white friends sat back to watch Jim do his business with Maria. Jim sat naked on the couch while Maria knelt between his legs belt over giving us a great view of her cum glazed pussy. As she went to work licking his balls and stroking his huge Maria glanced over her shoulder at the guys smiling nervously in disbelief at his size. They cheered her on "you go girl go!", as she did her best to get the head in her mouth.

Jim was very gentle massaging her tits and ass as she gave him head. He pulled her up facing him, she straddled him looking back at them again saying "oh shit", then faced him holding his cock she lowered herself onto his huge head. As it pushed up against her labia and engorged lips I could see lubrication wasn't going to be a problem as more cum and her juices oozed out of her very excited pink slit running down Jims cock.

Maria slowly lowered herself down taking more and more into her until it disappeared deep inside her. She wrapped her arms around his neck taking a minute to adjust to his size, slowly rotating her hips up and down on his meat. Big Jim moaned and said "don't pay any attention to these white boys I'm gonna show them how to satisfy a white woman! Maria said softly "oh yes", he looked at me smiled and mouthing to me "This Ok?" - I nodded back a "Yes" with a thumb up.

Jim slapped her firmly on the ass again and took his full length and girth in her pussy all at once. She moved up and down on him moaning with passion as this huge black cock stretched her to new felt ecstasy. Maria bounced up and down on him moaning and crying out in pleasure. Jim lifted her up and down on his cock spreading her legs spread wide, we all had a full view as the black cock sank deep in and out of her - Maria cried out, "oh god yes that feels soooo goood, oh yes fuck me”.

Jim asked her to get on her back and spread your legs wide. She immediately rolled her over on her back holding her legs wide open for him with her arms. He sank his meet into her missionary leaning back so I could watch his huge jet black rod slice in and out of her stretched hole as she squeezed her nipples between her fingers. She moaned "yes … yes …fuck me yes oh fuck me yes yes oh fuck me...." with each thrust until she cried out in another orgasm.

I was blown away and the other three just sat in awe as the two grunted, moaned and groaned. I have never seen Maria so turned on, verbal and multi orgasmic!

Jim fucked Maria passionately for a good 20 minutes from the front, side and from behind until he shot a fourth load of cum in her spent love hole. He rammed his huge cock deep inside her as he came, Maria crying out "OH GOD YES! YEEES!" as his meat slammed against her uterus.

Totally exhausted and completely satisfied she collapsed in his huge arms the two laid still coming down from their sexual intoxication. After regaining her composure Maria gathered her clothes, thanked them all and disappeared into the bedroom. All guys toasted her performance with scotch thanking me for a night they will never forget or repeat to anyone what happened.
Once they left I found Maria passed out in the bed totally nude. Maria is peacefully sleeping with an expression of deep satisfaction on her beautiful face.

Next morning when I woke up she was in the shower. When she came out I asked her how she felt after her wild night. As she dried herself my cock grew in my boxers and she could see my hard on growing in my pants, I stood up and held her very tightly for a very long time assuring her this was the most erotic night of our lives, and she was magnificent and that the entire episode was a real turn on for me as well, etc., etc., now my cock was hard poking her in her stomach. She smiled and said how much she loved me, kissed me passionately then dropped to her knees and gave me the blowjob of my life as I leaned against the wall.

Another surprise to me, she told me she wanted me to fuck her in her ass, because her pussy was too sore to fuck. Sore pussy or not I was so horned up I had to fuck her before we left the hotel, so to take Maria’s ass was a great suggestion. We fucked like crazy all morning.

The year after I changed my job, so we loose the contact with Dave Fred Mark and Jim, but we think they will never forget this amazing business seminar!

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7/30/2009 12:37 am

we are now so horny after reading this,what a great time you had,we hope something like this will happen to us one day.

vikingluso replies on 7/30/2009 11:42 am:
Why not, so go ahead

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7/24/2009 9:54 pm two sound so much like my husband and I. the more freedom we allow each other sexually...the more in love we are. We've been together for 35 years and are mnore in love now than ever. Our sex life is wild and fun like yours while in our every day life we are two very responsible ,professional people. Couples like us definitely have the best of both worlds. It's a rare and wonderful thing.We know exactly what you two are feeling.This was a great blog. I hope you have read some of mine.I'd be interested in your feedback Ginna

vikingluso replies on 7/25/2009 11:46 am:
Thanks a lot, we think that a world with freedom funny and no jalousy will be better than the world we have now. About your blog we will mail you our coments, thanks

KopiOGao 54F

7/24/2009 9:20 pm

Each time I read your blog, it brings new awe. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if I will ever get to experience what you two have and are enjoying. Sounds so wonderful.

vikingluso replies on 7/25/2009 11:47 am:
Why not the same fun as us? Just go away, the world is waiting for you. And thanks for the fidelity, we raeded all our posts, thanks a lot

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