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┃ \\//// ┃通缉犯Wanted:姓名Name:made in 20
┃   / ┃性别Sex:男Male 特征:太帅
┃  ︶/  ┃ 太酷,很温柔,很有型。
Characteristic:Too handsome, too cool, very gentle and soft, have the type very much.
● (狂倒Pour wildly)

●(Forbid to move!)   ○ ←you
    █┳      ┗█┛
    ┏┓       ┛┗  


│▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉ 99% │

The love really is like a smoke~~ spark very quick put out~~ very quick burn away~~ ignore you how go to hard, how to cherish, is still similar in the end~!At experience how many affections entwine hereafter, know what what oneself need is finally?I do not need the astounding love, because the too strong flames usually comes of quickly also go to quick, be I just feel its true of time, but is the time that it disappear, in my love, not at need too many honeyed wordses and vows of eternal love, because the test that it face reality is completely defenseless, I need your care about only, making me true realistic slice of feel I am your unique.
I believe in this world, total have a person, is bear for me of, and I also will be her unique.
This world in, I only have a, is unique, is beautiful, also is fascinating, missed me, is you lose, if I miss you, is certainly your not enough amiability......

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