Adventures in an Adult BookStore (4 of 6)  

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2/7/2006 10:35 am

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Adventures in an Adult BookStore (4 of 6)

The attractive man with the uncircumcised cock stepped forward and held my legs so far back that I thought he was trying to turn me into a pretzel. He gave my chest, cock, and thighs a quick kiss, then lowered my legs and helped me up off my first visitor’s lap.
My legs were weak. My feet were slick with cum. I could barely stand.

He offered an arm to my first visitor and helped him up out of the chair, then asked if he wanted “in” again. Of course, he nodded.
They turned me around and had me bend over, my legs spread wide, my arms stretched out and my hands holding the back of the chair.
I felt several hands on my back, my sides, one tugged at my cock, another at my balls. A hand slid up and down the insides of my legs. Another rubbed at my calves and slid back up to the crack of my ass.

My visitor with the fat cock pulled off his full condom and threw it on the floor. He moved to my left side and the big, quiet stranger stood on my right. They stroked their cocks, offering them up for a quick suck.

The attractive man took off his pants and moved in behind me.
He easily slid his cock into my lubricated asshole. His shaft was about half the girth of my first visitor, but he was much longer ‒ at least 8 inches. It felt just as good as the fat cock, but without the stretching. Every once in awhile I felt just a touch of pain when he “hit bottom.” I think he was actually being careful not to put all of his cock in me. I stood up on my toes for better leverage, but my legs were really getting tired and shaky. He backed away again, but this time had me put my knees on the seat of the chair, put my legs together and angled my ass upward. He straddled my legs and rubbed his cock up and down my ass. He held the tip of his cock to my asshole and pulled me back onto him. This was a much tighter fit, but it felt every bit as good to me as it did to him. I rocked back and forth while he stood as still as possible.

He grabbed my hips and brought me to him with each thrust. It felt almost like we were dancing. He maintained a perfect rhythm. I let my head slump between my arms. I was dripping pre-cum all over my first visitor’s coat. This fuck was really feeling good!

He must have fucked me like that for 5 minutes without skipping a beat.
I would have let him fuck me for an hour if I thought my ass could’ve taken it and my legs could’ve held me. Instead, he cut his tempo in half for three more thrusts, each thrust introducing more cum into my asshole.

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