Adventures in an Adult BookStore (3 of 6)  

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2/7/2006 10:38 am

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Adventures in an Adult BookStore (3 of 6)

Two more strangers entered the 4’ x 6’ booth. The second one locked the door behind him. I felt trapped. There was barely enough room for two people in there, and now there was four.

One of them leaned over and whispered in my ear “You don’t mind if we join you, do you?” It was the attractive man I spoke to earlier. “You put on quite a show. We couldn’t let you walk out of here without trying you out ourselves”.

The second stranger ‒ the quiet one ‒ stood between my legs and lifted them at the knee. His pants were unzipped, his hairy stomach, cock and balls exposed. He stared for a moment at the thick cock still embedded in my ass. He was by far the biggest guy in the bunch. He slid his rough hands up and down my legs. He started at the top of my hips, and then worked down to my knees. His hands slid under my legs, from my ass to my calves, and finally to my cum-covered feet.

The attractive man turned to put a few more dollars worth of tokens in the video player. When he turned back, I was greeted with a long, uncircumcised cock. He walked closer to me with his cock bouncing up and down, left and right. I reached up with my right hand and pulled the foreskin back, curious because I had never seen an uncut cock before.
He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock to my lips. I asked him if he was clean. He explained that he and his friend were male nurses, clean and drug free. I opened wide.

The quiet stranger put my wet feet together and began sliding his cock between them. His pubic hair felt so good under my toes. Without realizing what I was doing, I started bucking on the fat cock up my ass. My first visitor pulled me back against his chest as he drove his meat further and further up my ass.

My first visitor was kissing my ear, and I was drunk with excitement. The attractive man I had spoken to earlier asked if I was enjoying this, but I couldn’t keep his dick out of my mouth long enough to answer! My cock was dripping precum all over the place. I was being foot-fucked, jerking and sucking on a long, uncut cock and being pounded in the ass. These guys had incredible staying power. I kept waiting for one of them to start spraying cum all over me.

The attractive man pulled away for a moment and moved toward the door. I thought he was about to leave when the quiet one said “I call lasty’s”. I felt the fat cock twitch in my ass as my first visitor came a second time. I rode his spasms only long enough to have my legs pulled back, allowing his fat cock to pop out of my asshole.

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