Adventures in an Adult BookStore (1 of 6)  

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2/7/2006 10:47 am

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Adventures in an Adult BookStore (1 of 6)

Having only been to a few adult bookstores by this time, I thought I knew what to expect: A bunch of guys looking at magazines, a few renting movies, and a few doing laps around the video booth room.

I found what I thought was one of the nicer adult book stores, with some kind of coin-operated "buddy window" in the video booths that would turn an opaque glass transparent when you deposited tokens or quarters. I thought it was a good idea to share movies, but I guess it was really to watch the other guy watch movies, jerk off, or show off.

I bought a hefty amount of tokens and merged into the traffic doing laps around the video booths. I'd pause and look at the boxes/covers of the featured videos - not really interested in who starred in what - but rather who was checking me out.

When I finally did find a booth that was reasonably clean, I put in a few tokens and found some good movies to jerk off to. Within minutes, the glass on either side of my booth started to get clearer, but not completely. I decided to see who was so interested in me, and put a few tokens in the buddy window.

To my left, I could see a middle-aged guy all buttoned and zipped up, but fondling himself through his clothes. To my right, there was an older gentleman, gray hair, glasses, beard, mustache, about 6' tall and 230 lbs.

I'm not sure what the attraction was, but I found myself paying less attention to the movie and more attention to the big guy to my right. I looked at him while I slowly tugged at my cock. About a minute later, the windows were opaque again.

There was a pull on my door, but I had locked it. I waited a few seconds, buttoned up my fly, and opened the door. It was my large admirer.

He motioned for permission to join me in my booth. I backed further into the booth to give him room to come in. He locked the door behind him, turned around, and undid his pants. He had intended to just jerk off with me, but I thought he was there for more. Being a little scared, a little nervous, and incredibly curious, I reached down for his cock and pulled out the fattest, shortest cock anyone could have imagined. It was in that split second I decided if I were ever going to try sucking dick, this would be the one to start on.

I knelt down, not exactly knowing what I was doing, and slowly kissed and licked the head of his dick. He stood as still as he could and just ran his fingers through my hair. Then I decided to go for it and struggled to get my mouth around his short, fat cock. Once I had it there, there wasn't much of a shaft to go back and forth on, so I caressed his balls as lightly as possible. I moved my tongue around as much as I could, but his thing was so big, about all I could do was suck and moan.

Without warning, he shot his load in my mouth. I wasn't about to swallow it, but his cock was so big and throbbing, I couldn't get it out of my mouth. I gagged a few times, choked, and eventually managed to get his cock out of my mouth, as well as a load of cum which ended up all over my shirt.

I'm sure everyone else doing laps must have heard what was going on. I was afraid everyone would want in on the action. He was very appreciative, and asked if he could return the favor. Oddly enough, my cock was rock hard throughout the entire blowjob.

I undid my jeans and took off my shirt. He took his time, turning me around, fondling my ass, spreading my cheeks, fingering my ass, and finally sucking my cock. I was about half his girth but about 4 times longer. Unlike a previous video booth blowjob, I was ready to fuck his face. I put his hands on my ass and bucked my hips into his mouth. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me away, and then back in again, never gagging and matching each of my thrusts with a long, low, suck. I knew I was going to cum hard, and for some reason, pushed two of his fingers into my asshole. I came so hard, my legs were shaking and I almost collapsed right there.

He swallowed all of it. Then he asked if I'd like to go to his place - that his wife and kids were out of town that weekend. I declined. I was again shocked and amazed at what I just did. I had a shirt covered in his cum, cum spattered jeans, and I was out of tokens. I was about to ask him to buy me more tokens, but instead I told him to stay in the booth while I left.

I walked out of the video booth room, out through the well-lit magazine racks, and out the back door - never looking up.

I was embarrassed. I was confused. I was getting an idea for a return visit.


I spent the next few weeks checking out a lot more adult bookstores with video booths.

I was 22, but looked 17. I learned about glory holes, enemas, lubrication, the mechanics of anal sex, the prostate, and anything else I could read about. I had received two blowjobs and given one. All this time I maintained a healthy relationship with my girlfriend of 4 years.

The planning and preparation that went into my next trip out of town and to my favorite porn shop was over the top.

I tried to put myself in the shoes of a potential male lover, and wondered what I would like if I was him. The more I thought, the weirder I got.

I started with my body hair. Except for the hair above my neck, I shaved, waxed, or plucked every strand of hair from my body. "Smooth" doesn't do it justice. I was satisfying taboos on multiple levels.

Then I made sure every inch of my body was clean, to include my ass. I had seen movies where girls would get fucked in the ass and moments later put that same cock in their mouths. I wanted to be prepared for anything, so I watched what I ate for 48 hours and completely cleaned myself literally inside and out.

I manicured my fingers and pedicured my toes.

I put on a little cologne, but nothing overwhelming.

I bought condoms, KY, and Kleenex.
Trying to cut down on things I'd have to carry, I squirted half the tube of KY into my ass. I fingered it in as best I could, then showered again to clean off anything on the outside.

Even though it was winter, I decided to keep my clothing to a minimum.
I simply wore jeans, tennis shoes, a heavy sweater, and no underwear or socks.

Like a girl on prom night, I decided this was the night I was going to go "all the way". I was just as nervous, too.


The drive to the porn shop was uneventful. It was a quiet winter's night. Not much movement in the area. It was a slow day.

When I walked inside, it seemed I was the only one there except for the cute girl behind the counter. That was a twist! She gave me a wink and asked if I'd like some tokens. I bought about $20 worth and walked over to the boxes/covers in the video booth room. I quickly made notice of which numbers were for gay movies and then found an open booth.

About $10 into my tokens, someone else finally showed up, tugging at my door. I unlatched it to see who was there. It was a greasy-looking old guy that looked either homeless or on his deathbed. I re-latched the door.

A few minutes later, there was another tug. This time it was someone else. Not what I had in mind. I re-latched the door again, and again. This was getting depressing. Eventually, I ran out of tokens. I walked out to buy some more and found 3 attractive men out of the dozen or so that began the ritualistic lap around the booths.

Two of the three were talking to each other while looking at me, and I managed to make eye contact with one of them. He came over and asked if anything good was playing. I pointed to one of the gay movies showing a young guy sitting on an older guys cock and said, "I'd like to try that - one." He smiled at me and said, "that looks like a good one."

I walked around and tried to find the darkest corner of the booth room, and found a booth. As soon as I walked in, I latched the door and proceeded to take off all of my clothes, folding them neatly, and placing them on the bucket seat in the booth. I put my shoes under the chair and soon realized I picked a booth that hadn't been cleaned in awhile - I was standing barefoot in several puddles of cum.

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