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imc and stuff

Can anyone tell me where i'm going wrong? On the welcome page / home page where you sign in you can launch the instant chat messenger on there, and chat away and view other peoples webcams and such like, yet when i downloaded and ran the seperate imc chat client (the one that works like messenger, and you don't need to go thorugh the website) all i can do is chat, but not view webcams... do i have to be invited to view cams on that client?

Anyhow, this Sunday finds me looking out the window and wondering where the bloomin' English summer has gone, this time last week i was wearing shorts, and now i'm back to wearing jeans and socks. Nothing on the telly except Big Brother and some crappy other stuff, not in the mood to settle down to watch a dvd, just feeling like i dunno what to do with myself, typical Sunday then

Spoke to a mate yesterday and he's organising a dance night to raise money for a relative whose been diagnosed with cancer, and inviting a load of people, only problem is my ex is one of them, and i really, really don't want to see her. Only problem is he doesn't know she's my ex, haven't seen her in almost 2 years and not spoken to her in almost a year. It's a long complicated story that deserves a post of its own when i can put it in a fair and balanced way. But we didn't part on bad terms we just gradully stopped communicating.
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