campaign for real beauty  

78slacker 38M
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8/9/2006 1:57 pm
campaign for real beauty

I don't want to come across as patronising, and i rarely admit to being sold an idea or a product, but that doves campaign with curvy, voluptuous and basically normal looking women makes a refreshing change. The whole premise behind it in that we are who we are (men and women i mean now), and that ok we're not perfect, but we're beautiful in our own way and we should accept it and not let ourselves be told otherwise.

Speaking of advertising and 'lifestyle products', something that bugs me is that us males are all pigeon holed into the mens magazine craze self styled 'bloke' phenomenon. Sure, i used to buy Loaded and FHM when i was in my early 20's but i left that culture behind after i realised how false and shallow it all was. Also it was the way they used women to promote the next girl band / tv show / movie, and the interviews were meaningless shite. The use of sex as branding for male products just pisses me off, since i'm bald and basically not the most handsome bloke out there i can see straight through the bullshit.

Maybe i'm just a cynical git, who needs some sleep, and need to get this rant into some sort of coherence.

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