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1/15/2006 12:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The ONE asks a question, and another question comes as an answer from me… for example: “Did you miss me?” “Did you?” or “Say that you want me” “Do you?”

LOL he hates it!

Here’s why I do such anal things:

1. I know that nothing will result from our little adventure. He loves his wife and I love my hubby. We have no intentions of thrashing our marriages. Like me, I feel that he just wants to know that someone out there other than his beloved wife finds him appealing.
2. Sometimes, he tries to find out more about my past, my current situation but I don’t say much cos does it really matter? Of course I think it matters to him, that he cares... that is why he is asking… but what I mean is… I can tell him all that he asks, and after knowing it all, there is nothing he can do about it… so why tell or go into details?
3. I want to remain as much of a mystery to him as possible. My theory is this: When it comes too easily to you, the challenge is not as passionate as if it was really tough. I will be diplomatic about I and use the word “people”. People are like that. They tend to lose interest too quickly if they knew too much too soon, if they can get what they want with just a snap of the finger… you know it’s be over in a second…
4. By remaining a mystery, the sexual tension is heightening to an extreme, intense level that by just meeting up for lunch or tea is such an adrenalin rush. That amazing feeling just pure ecstasy! That underlying uncontrollable, overwhelming, unbearable, consuming excitement is something that I look forward to each time we meet.
5. The thrill of sneaking a wild fanatical exchange of tongues, in an elevator, knowing that the next time the doors open, there’ll be people wanting to get in, drives me just totally insane.

I could just go on and on and on….

But really... this all really happens when you know so much less about a person, well in my case, when the ONE knows less about me… Not that I have anything to hide from him. I just want this heart throbbing, fanatic, passionate, obsessive sensation to last just that tad bit longer...

That's why do I what I do.... ;P

mr_simply_me 45M
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1/15/2006 7:58 am


I would be like the guy that is with u too... It is natural to know u more a bit. Let me put it this way...

If it is just sex or short term, then there is no need to ask questions.... questions asked is to find trust... Trust forms with answers.... Trusts forms friendship and relationships... partnerships....

Yes, it definitely have no future unless one decides to change that. Mstery is always be there as he does not or cannot spend as much time as he wish to be with you... and you cannot tell a history of 30yrs in 30secs...

It is true that we don't value things that greatly if it is not worked for. But if I am able to acknowledge that the thing was given much easier... At least I know the actual value of it....

Getting bored depends on two... u may not get bored but he might or both of u may get bored.... How not to get bored is like what u said... finding ways to increase the excitement....

Question is now how do you improve your own relationship with this experience.


rm_lovesex7200 44M

1/16/2006 5:28 pm

Way to go MSM. u said it! asked yourself this, will u even go out with a guy that dun even bother about your life and just want sex?

LoL...... think most women like to play the game of hide and seek....

And us guys just like to seek them out.......LoL


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