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4/24/2006 9:46 pm

What should I do?

She's twenty years younger than me and very pretty.

She knows my dad was 23 years older than my mother and asks how do I feel about age difference between people.

She's about 5'7" a couple extra pounds not much though. Beautiful brown eyes, 36DD's.

She always has me critique her figure, her breast size, what shirt makes her breast stand out, what bra makes her chest look bigger. She is always striking a pose and requests a critique.

She beginning to show more skin, v-neck shirts her boyfriend wont let her wear. But she'll pull them down and show off.

She stays after work because I relieve her shift. She stays and makes conversation and asks if she should leave. I always say no stay and visit a while and she does.

She's married but not in a very loving relationship. They live apart now. She has a boyfriend who doesn't care if people talk belittle her and degrade her. I see it's wearing thin for her. When she gets emotionally close to me he steps in and makes her leave.

She knows my birthday, middle name, where I live, my phone number (needs to know for work) my address and my kids.

She always says it's about her now she listens to me when I talk. She didn't before.

I think she is curious and not yet ready to make a move. She holds back.

She tells me her secrets and I keep them for her. I do that for everybody though. I'm a good listener.

Sometimes she works herself up to ask a questions then stops. She is not a shy person and will ask anybody anything and say anything even if it is inappropriate. Bur she gets shy around me. Then she gets guarded.

I think it's why age. Thats why I haven't made a move. I told her once I respect you more than you respect yourself. She thanked me and said nobody has ever said that before and got choked up.

She knows she has a bad rep around here and believes I'm a real nice guy. Everybody tells me not to change. If they only gave them selves a change to get to know me.

I think her aunt who we also work with doesn't want her to put the moves on me. When I talk about her around her aunt, her aunt will call her up as she is leaving.

I thought she had lost interest in me until last week when I showed up for work after being away for four days. She jumped out from behind a door playfully. Posed like she had never done before and was genuinely excited to see me.

For now I'm just a good friend.

Yet a twist.

Another girl who week with her mother also is around the same age. I know in the past she had a big crush on me.

Her mother didn't want her to be with unless she truly felt absolute about it, so she says.

This girl is 5'2" and a little extra pounds. Looks great to me with an awesome personality.

She was swearing around me for a while until I told somebody I liked her the way she used to be and she hasn't swore since.

I helped her through some very difficult times. Could have easily took advantage of her but didn't and she knows that.

She acts very shy around me and everybody knows she also isn't a shy person. They give her her space around me, but watching.

For now she's just a friend.

A dilemma, they both know each other and like each other. My guess they know each others intentions or feelings about me.

I'll give then respect and some distance and be a friend.


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