The Club  

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The Club

It was getting late into the night and the music was getting everybody dancing. We decided to take a break and went to our table in the corner.

The chairs were tall bar stools.

She got up on a chair and with a one of her pretty fingers motioned my to come close. She spread her legs and I sombered up to her.

She spread her legs wide and pulled me in close.

The lights were reflecting off her eyes showing her beautiful brown eyes.

She reached into my pants and pulled out my cock.

I was so shocked and looked around. Nobody noticed.

She pulled her tiny shorts aside and slid down on my hard cock. She was so wet. She gave me a devilish smile and stood up on the step of the chair.

The song ended and our party came back to the table.

She hugged me tight and whispered oh my god do you think...

I said no. Just act normal.

A couple of our friends came over to the table and started talking.

She turned herself partially around and was showing interest in their conversation.

A couple of songs played then they went and danced on the floor. Many of the people were on the floor and waved.

She turned to me and noticed that when she turned and faced our friend's her perky 34b with erect nipple was showing off.

She said why didn't you say anything.

I twitched my cock in her and she stopped smiled and said OH.

I lifted her off my cock and we left.

We fucked in the parking lot with on lookers. She loves that.

We fucked in our driveway the made passionate love on our bed.

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im getting wet

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ah...that turns me on..

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