Apple Juice  

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10/22/2005 11:35 pm

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Apple Juice

I recently spilt a mug of apple juice on my laptop and my 'e-life' has been nothing short of hell since then. WHen the event actaully happenned, it wasn't so bad. It didn't smell, it didn't seem to be too 'sugary-sticky' and best of all, it didn't seem to attract any denizens of the insect kind.
My latop, seemed to have weathered the assault pretty well and all was OK till a couple of days ago, when I discovered a sudden stiffening of all keys on the right side of the keyboard. So, when I press the shift key, it takes a bit of more pressure than my twinky can conjure, and when it finally does get depressed, it stays so for a bit longer than required. This is true of all keys right of 'J' on the qwerty keyboard and the usual computer keys, like enter, back space .....etc

P.S. an interesting find today, was the cover of the Black Crowes' 'Amorica'. In case you didn't notice, it shows some pubic hair peeping out of the bikini. I love women who don't shave their triangle.

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10/23/2005 12:17 am

It's a guy in the photo....

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