Childhood crush part 2  

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6/28/2005 5:27 pm

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Childhood crush part 2

Now that I'm in my 30s, I of course no longer have a crush on young Tatum O'Neal, or old Tatum for that matter (even though I still think she grew into a beautiful woman). I don't think I have a crush at the moment, but I do now admire two of the women who were in the Bad News Bears, I make sure to check them out whenever I whip out the old DVD, and I think you should too.

One of those women is Timothy Blake (yes, her name is Timothy). Ms. Blake was the mother of the very shy outfielder Timmy Lupus (the booger eating moron, as Tanner Boyle called him). As a quick aside, Timmy is probably my favorite Bear now. Of all the Bears, he was the one most like me (no, I was not a booger eating moron, and neither was he, in truth). I too was quiet, shy and terrible in sports. That's why I understand and sympathize with him. The moment near the end when he makes the triumphant out, is one of my favortie movie moments of all time. Blake as Mrs. Lupus, is seen only twice in the film, both times in the final game. She has no lines but is a very attractive woman in the mid 30s-early 40s range. Certainly a hot momma, I'd kiss her all over in the dark and in the light too

The other lady to look for is Shari Summers. Another hot momma character, she is in the film a little more and has a few lines. She plays Mrs. Turner, mother of Yankees pitcher Joey Turner and long suffering wife of the tyrannical Yankees coach, Roy Turner (the late Vic Morrow). Check her out in the final game as well. You may remember the famous scene, if not, here goes. Coach Turner is awfully mad at his son for geting struck out twice by Amanda (Tatum O'Neal). He then gets even angrier when he nearly beans Bears catcher Engleberg. Coach runs to the mound and very publicly, slaps his son down the ground (without doubt, one of the strongest moments in the film and a stinging indictment against the parents out there who push their kids too far in little league sports). Joey rises, and pitches to Engleberg again. Its a grounder, right at Joey. He picks up the ball and refuses to throw it to first. He hugs the ball to his chest and refuses to give it up, even after his teammates try to pry it from his hands. Engleberg rounds third and hits home, putting the Bears back in the game. Joey strides to father, gives him and angry look, and drops the ball at his. Joey leaves the field, but he looks back at his loving mother. She rushes to his side and takes him home.

Clad in a mid riff showing shirt and incredibly tight 1970s bell bottoms, the dark haired Shari Summers is a real site. One gets the feeling that Joey's teammates said this to him on numerous occasions, "Wow Joey, your Mom is hot." And she sure is.

Keep an eye out for these hot mommas the next time you watch the film. Or if you prefer bull dykes, there is always Joyce Van Patten as the hateful little league official. Personally, I'll pass on her.

Always on the level, honest and loyal.

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