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8/22/2005 6:42 am

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When I touch you for the first time your body reacts and your soul begins it's desire to feel me again and again. You lay against me , the warmth of our bodies relaxes us. A touch of my hand along your ass, a touch of it across your swollen nipple, a brush of it against that sweet pussy and of course the feel of my finger sliding down your wet lips , slightly touch that tight little hole. You pull closer to me wanting my finger to slide deeper, arching your hips, grinding them to insure it. You gasp lightly and begin to find a breath harder to grasp as rub that fat pussy, letting my long finger touch you teasingly. As we kiss softly your moans are increasing so the time has come for me to eat that wet , hot , tasty pussy. I begin to kiss you all over, leading to your nipples, down your belly, along your waist and across those swollen lips. Your body shakes as you feel my warm breath on your now very, very wet pussy. Your and finds the back of my head and you pull me to you when you feel my tongue pressed hard against your clit, you.................. LOL,Steven P.S. ONLY YOU WILL KNOW !!!

sweetasting7 59F

8/22/2005 2:51 pm

wow i'm hot just thinking about this.

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