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6/29/2005 11:12 am

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Back again

It's been awhile since my last entry, and I guess I don't have any useful excuses for not attending to it - "laziness" is not a valid excuse, I know.

There were a number of problems with lost posts, which may or may not have been silent editorial commentary; now I'm taking it on faith that these have been fixed.

I just feel like a fake, writing some stream of consciousness posting, submitting it, then later realizing it's disappeared, then trying to re-create it from memory - it can feel a bit fraudulent.

Which leads me to a question - when I write about a particularly memorable, (for whatever reason), sexual encounter, it's something I enjoy doing, as it's kind of a form of reliving it. But when I write it for others, it can sometime feel, like above, kind of fraudulent - a mere shadow of the reality of what really happened. Due to the editorial problems, I really haven't written much along these lines on this blog, (though i have elsewhere in the past). But I wonder - do people enjoy such writings? I think I only posted a single story here, and I don't recall any comments on it - I just wonder if it's worth the effort?

Just curious, I'll probably write some down one of these days, just for my own enjoyment.

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