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11/6/2005 6:43 pm

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i thought it would take awhile for someone to contact me because i just a standard member. to my suprise it happened only two weeks after i created my profile. to my disappointment the email was from a male and even though i have no problem with that lifestyle i do not swing in that direction.

my first thought was that i had screwed up my profile and indicated i was looking for a man when i meant to check the box for woman. or somehow somebody had accessed my account and fucked with it. but i wanted to see what this guy had to say and the message was as strange as the whole situation in general.

it was from a girl (or somebody posing as a female) who said she was the cousin of the guy whose account she was using. she wanted me to get in touch with her using her personal email address because she didnt want him to know that she had been using his account. needless to say i did not pursue this "woman".

there are two things that baffle me about this. firstly if it was just somebody posing as a woman - dont they have something better to do. for that matter wouldnt it be more convincing if they actually created a woman't profile. secondly if it actually was a female cousin, she was obviously aware of the site and how it worked, so why didnt she just start her own free profile?

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