the best sex postion nobody ever talks about  

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11/16/2005 4:20 pm

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the best sex postion nobody ever talks about

ok alot of this has to do with the fact that i love the female ass. there is something so damn sexy about a nice butt. two globes of flesh at the top of the legs where between lies the physical essence of a woman - the vagina and the asshole. you know what i am talking about, the kind of ass that is not all hard muscle but not squishy and mushy. one that is athletic and firm. one that is soft and giving to the touch yet maintains its perky shape when a woman is lying flat on her tummy. one that is the perfect size such that you can see one cheek rise about the other when she is walking. one that will respond to a pat or a slap with a springlike wobble.

i think i have gotten sidetracked, if you still cant tell i like ass. the postion i am talking about is with the woman laying face down on the bed. legs can be spread as far as desired or kept close together and touching. there is something about a woman's ass in this postion that does things to me. this is also why i love to see women laying out at the beach with a bikini on in this position. i love to mount her from behind in this position. she likes it too. she gets g-spot stimulation and if she keeps her legs spread deep penetration. i get to penetrate her deeply with the awesome visual that is her ass. when i get a nice pace going my pelvis smacks into her ass making it wobble and also creating a lovely clapping sound. also, i can free up my hands and rub/splap her ass or even play with her asshole. this is a great postion for anal as well. as she gets into it she can force her ass up into the air for increased penetration. finally the money shot - i can withdraw and cum all over her beutiful backside.

does anyone else like this postion as much as me?

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