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11/17/2005 5:42 pm

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riddle answer

ok i posted the following riddle for two nights in a row and only one person cared to wager a guess. it was wrong.

what is greater than god....
more evil than the devil....
the rich need it...
the poor have it...
and if you eat it you will die?

the answer is "nothing"

as i stated in the repost kids were more likely to get this answer correct than accomplished business professionals. the key to coming up with the answer is simplifying the way we think about things. if we apply the answer "nothing" to the riddle we can see how easy it is for children to answer the riddle.

"nothing" is greater than god. many children are taught starting as infants that god is all powerful and the creator of the world as we know it. to them there is no person greater than that.

"nothing" is more evil than the devil. again from an early age many kids develop a fear of the devil and hell. you know he is the dude with the pitch fork surrounded by fire and he wants to drag you down there. what could be more evil than that.

the rich need "nothing". speaking of course in terms of material posessions. society dictates, and kids learn early on, that money can get you just about any material object you want. cars, houses, swimming pools, etc.

the poor have "nothing". again in terms of material posessions. ask a young child to describe a poor person and they will tell you the stereotypical description of a bum. nothing but the clothes on his back.

if you eat "nothing" you will die! it doesnt get any more simple than that.

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