i saw my good friends mom naked(true story)  

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i saw my good friends mom naked(true story)

a true story from several years ago:

a few days prior to high school graduation i hurt myself while doing some heavy lifting at work. basically the strain of lifting heavy boxes caused muscle spasms in my neck. the only way i could really hold my head without pain was to hold my head to the side with my neck bent. it basically looked like i was resting my head on my left shoulder. i went to the doctor and he prescribed muscle relaxers which did the trick and by the time of the ceremony i could hold my head up straight but i was still on the relaxers.

after the ceremony a total of four of us decided to hang out at one of my buddies house. his parents were easy going and we knew we would be able to celebrate a little bit. i told my mom i was going over there and she said fine but just dont drink because of the medication.

i went over there and of course i drank. we passed around a bottle of vodka and did shots. at that point in my life, relative to other high school students, i was fairly experienced as far as alcohol is concerned. not while on muscle relaxers thought. before i knew it i was in the back yard throwing up. after i was done i tried to stand up but everything was spinning i fell against the rough cedar siding of the house, scraped myself, and passed out.

when i woke in the morning i didnt know where i was. i was on a couch in a strange room. disoriented i got up and wandered out through the only door the room had. it lead to the kitchen. standing at the open refrigerator door was my friends mom butt naked.

before i had seen her naked i never thought too much of her physically. below average face with some scarring possibly from acne. hair was permed kind of tight with a little length in the back. the rest of her body always seemed unremarkable as i always had seen her in conservative business attire.

whe knew that she was actually hot. her body looked like at one point it was really tight. it looked like over time it may had softened but her tummy was still relatively flat. legs were a nice shape again with a pleasnat looking softness. she was standing with her back to me first so i got a plain view of her ass. nice round shape just beginning to droop a little bit. no sign of cellulite or dimples. when she eventually turned around she had what looked to be between b and c cup tits. relatively full for their size, nice small nipples and areolas, and the nipples turned up a little bit. oh yeah she had a hairy bush.

anyhow when i walked into the kitchen and saw here i apologized but i made no attempt to leave the kitchen. this was mostly because i was still in a haze. she turned arount without any haste or embarassment and said that she was sorry and that she didnt know anyone was down there. then she casually walked back upstairs to get some clothes. i watched that ass the whole time as one cheek rose above the other.

in a few minutes she came back down wearing a robe. she sat and had casual conversation with me until my dad got there to bring me back home.

oh yeah and in case you are wondering i never had to guts to tell my friend i saw his mom naked.

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