i can tie a cherry stem in a knot using only my tongue  

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1/11/2006 4:38 pm

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i can tie a cherry stem in a knot using only my tongue

it has come to my attention i have been blogging for a while and really havnt said very much about myself. maybe i have done so consciously and have know it all along but it is now time to shed some light upon myself.

in no particular order here is a list of 50 facts or things about myself:

1. i can tie a cherry stem in a know using only
my tongue

2. i have had the honor of shaking pele's hand

3. i hate fish/seafood

4. i have lived in ohio(born and raised),
michigan, illinois, and new york.

5. i have seen a live sex show in amsterdam

6. i have two bachelor's degrees

7. i love to slap that ass

8. i work in health care

9. i am currently taking classes because i am
unhappy with my career

10. i played in the NCAA div III soccer
in 1995 and made it to the sweet 16.

11. i like to be different

12. i like to try different things

13. i'm an assman

14. i like to stay physically active

15. my favorite alcoholic bevrages are beer, rum
and coke, and whiskey straight up

16. i enjoy playing chess

17. although i dont play an instrument music is
essential to my life

18. i have been to germany, holland, mexico,
jamaica, canada, and almost all of the states

19. i love low rise jeans on a woman

20. sometimes i am afraid of death

21. i enjoy downhill skiing

22. i have an uncanny knack for losing things

23. i like to sleep in until the last minute

24. i still havnt been in a threesome

25. i love a woman who wears thongs

26. ignorance, arrogance, and laziness bother me

27. i am a sports nut

28. my driving record is freaking horrible

29. i like a woman who can swear

30. women who are too skinny are not attractive
to me

31. i am more patient than anyone i know

32. i have been to a lesbian union

33. i can make a rose out of a napkin

34. i procrastinate

35. in high school i saw my friend's mom naked

36. women who are submissive sexually turm me on

37. country music pisses me off

38. i would rather have something greasy than
something sweet

39. i once worked at an eye bank where i
harvested eyes from the deceased for
transplant surgery

40. my favorite kind of music is alternative rock

41. i am a dreamer

42. sometimes i like to thing, sometimes i am
scared of my thoughts

43. i usually sleep about six hours a night

44. i am divorced

45. it is better to have love and lost than to
have never loved at all

46. i might be the only guy on earth that cannot
drive using a manual transmission

47. i enjoy porn

48. i like to sleep on my stomache

49. doggy style is my favorite sex position

50. a close second is the woman on her stomach
end me entering from behind

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