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i am going to start including pictures that tell a littl about myself. two things i love are soccer and women. it doesnt hurt when they are half dressed and all wet either. i could even get past it if they left their shin guards on although i would prefer they didnt.

still no responses to my first post but i hope over time i get noticed and people start talking back at me.

today i want to talk about hang-ups. we all have them and some are more reasonable then otheres. i feel like in order to enjoy life you have to get over them or they are just going to drag you down. here is a small example:

i was just talking to a female friend the other day. she is young and married. she is a fun girl and seems to be pretty sexual based on conversations we have had. she says to me out of the blue that she doesnt get thongs and why would she want to wear one. i told her that her husband would most definitely like it. i am not going to get into all the reasons but thongs are definitely sexy. then she says she might consider wearing one if she didnt have such a big butt. are you kidding me?! first of all she doesnt have a big butt. second of all her husband sees her naked all the time. they have been married for eight years and i am sure that he loves her ass. i know that every woman, no matter how nice their ass is, thinks they have a fat ass. as i guy i do not understand that. i have known woman through past relationships who could be ass models and even they think their ass is too big. i guess i better get back to the point, i got kind of side tracked here.

my point is this - if she is that hung up on wearing a thong what comes next? maybe she doesnt let him do her doggy style because she is too self conscious. maybe he cant touch, kiss, rub, or slap her ass because she is embarassed of it. the point is lose the inhibition. open a new door. have fun. overcome your tendencies to be self conscious. do something different to shake things up. you will benefit, your partner will benefit, and yor sex life will benefit. wear a thong!

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