creative ways to sell a house?  

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1/17/2006 4:59 pm

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creative ways to sell a house?

alright ive had a house for sale for 8 months now and still have not had a single offer. it is under 5 years old in a nice subdivision in central michigan. i am tired of house payment
+ rent, and two heating bills every month. it doesnt help the local housing market up there that gm is going down the crapper either.

here are some creative ideas that i thought might help the sale.

1) flashing strobelight on for sale sign
2) attractive nude models placed strategically
in every room (male and female to cover bases)
3) instead of putting out cookies keeping a keg
4) pick up entire house and move it to someplace
people actually want to live

does anyone else have a creative idea? it it works there could be a commision in it for you.

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