Let me finish...  

6emalerascal 56M
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7/17/2006 5:56 am
Let me finish...

My story about saturday night...I'll pick it up with I've had my fingers, toungue and mouth on her pussy for over an hour, she has been moaning, cuming, shaking (I love that shake when my girl is having a hard Orgasm) and it's ok if you grab my hair and pull my head in closer. Her body finally slumps, like she's been knocked out, legs spread wide open, arms out to her side and eyes shut. I ask if she's ok and all she can say is thank you. (Good enough foor me), I like to do things for people like her. Anyways I lay down next her put my arms around her and tell her what a great kid she is and we need to go to get her a vibrator, because she lives too far away for me to make this trip every three weeks. After we laid there a while she's recouped and ready to go to dinned and the zenu or whatever the sex/head shop over by carrier circle. I stand up, my dick is at full staff, she see's this, knowing I love a girl on her knees, deeping throating me, she does just that. There is just something about looking down at or at the mirror reflection and seeing a womans mouth taking me all the way and her lips at the base of my dick. (I'm going to have to jerk off after reliving this one). She is such a great girl, even though she has a slight gag compex, she took that in all the way and maybe gagged once. She sucked me for 20 mins before I came and when I did she put me as deep as I could go (6-7 inches, I'm average size but above average libido and desire.) Know it was my turn to shake. Afetr this we showered, I also like to wash women in the shower, total detail! So we drive into syracuse, go to the sex shop, get her a vibrator and I looked at the cock rings (always wanted one, didn't get it though, this was about making her special) and special she is. Weel back to rome for dinner, yes I bought batteries and used the vibrator on her going down the thruway. Afetr a nice dinner we did go back to her place and had a great two hours. Covered in baby oil, sweating like sponges, little bits of astro glide, I couldn't come to save my life, she had 3 more orgasms, I was on top of her, she rode me pony style, she put her legs up in the air, (made her pussy really tight), a little doggy, finally we were spooning and I'm pumping like a demon and my load finally blows. She yells, I moan and we both just laid there for 30 minutes after to reset. We took a nap, woke up and went at it later, that was a little just going thru motions, taking advantage of my sleep hard on. I wish I videoed this one, I had could see everything in the mirrors, but remebering her taking me in, her lips at the base of my dick and swallowing my load isn't the same as she and I watching it some night in the future. NextTime

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