Finger Lickin Good  

6emalerascal 56M
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7/16/2006 6:40 pm
Finger Lickin Good

Saturday night I had a dinner date with a girl I think is a nympho, she is in denial. Anyways when I first arrived she was sitting on the couch, panties, white dress shirt, opened to show some cleavage. (looking very good!) I brought her a cup of coffee, a little smoke, and a nice little card, to show her her I care about her. We sat and talked, and the conversation turned to sex. My friend is a great person, do anything for anybody, go out of her way, the whole 9. She tells me her bf doens't go down on her and she also hasn't orgasmed in a month. That made me crazy, when she and I met the very first night 3 1/2 years ago, she sucked my dick and swallowed for the first time, (We call it swallowed to be nice). Any ways the next time we got toghter I went down on her and she just about went crazy. We have had a great friendshipp since. Back to staurday night. When got up from the couch I asker if I could watch her dress. She agreed and went into the bedroom. Once inside the I brought her over to the mirror, wrapped my arms around her, had her look in the mirror at us and told and what a great person she is. The I put my hands around her waste and pulled her panties down, took of her shirt and left her bra on. I walked her over to the edge of the bed, sat her down, laid her back and started kissing her. (love to kiss). I worked my way down to her pussy and started kissing, teasing and pulling her pussy lips with mine. Of course she like this and started to moan a little. Next I put two fingers in her pussy and started working her clit with my mouth, bitting licking hard, sucking I did everything I could for the next hour. She tells me 3 orgasms, I had her shaking so hard I think she missed a few. A love it when a girl comes on my face, with my fingers in her, and those muscle contraction grip me and she shakes my face between her legs. I'll have tow write what she did to em later.

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