Here's the truth about the bar and club scene:  

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1/31/2006 6:43 am

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Here's the truth about the bar and club scene:

It's not the greatest place to meet women. It's too dark, there's too much smoke, too much booze flowing, and that's when people have a tendency to tell lies. If you go out to a club, you want to be there with your buddies, having fun talking about the good old days, boxing, business, and, of course, women. But if you happen to see somebody you dig in a bar or club, you have to ask her to dance. But don't go there hoping to pick up Miss Right. The odds aren't good.

Online is where the dating game is these days, make no mistake about it, in front of the terminal screen is where you have to be. Even my Uncle Jethro Love says "Boy, you's dead in the water with the girls without your Macintosh!". But before you log on, you have to be prepared and you have to have a very strict game plan.

And the aim of this plan is to get the girl through the door of Starbucks. There you are at home, pal, with just your laptop and no girlfriend, and your goal is to eventually say: "Caprice, very nice to meet you! Have a seat."

When she arrives, you buy her a Mocha Valencia and you talk for 45 minutes. Afterwards, you walk her out to her car and she says, "Wow, Jared, I had a nice time! Please give me a call and we'll get together again." Then she hugs you, gets into her car and drives away. Guys, if we're going to sell ourselves, we have to get the buyer in front of us for 45 minutes at Starbucks.

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