That was so amazing . . .  

69inTHEmorning2 49M
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5/15/2006 2:53 pm
That was so amazing . . .

...grabbing the towel to dry you off, you look at me with a devilish grin. With just enough light to see that your nipples are erect, we continue this in the bedroom. Lying you on the bed, I take a long look at your incredibly hot nude body. Slowly, I kiss my way up your leg, paying attention to your breathing, and your movements. My warm breath and goatee brush your inner thigh. You let out a sigh of approvement. Parting your legs further, to allow me to continue north, I see that you are wet with anticipation. your pink lips are most, as my tongue dances around your neatly trimmed vagina. my hands are teasing your inner thigh, as my thumbs part your lips, and expose yourself to me for my delight. You let out a loud moan, as my tongue finds your wet clit for the very first time. You taste sooooo good. My cock is so hard for you, as I continue my tongue dance on your clit. Trying to take my time, and to make you ache, I lick all around; lightly, paying close attention to your movements. Slipping my finger in my mouth, to get it nice and wet; I ease it into your hotness, as my tongue once again finds your clit. You can feel it starting...the first of what would be many orgasms, as I continue to finger fuck you and lick your clit. As your pussy clamps down on my finger, your hips raise to allow better contact on your clit. Slowly I kiss my way up to your hard nipples, when you whisper in my ear, "That was so amazing".....

sexxxxykitten0 52F
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5/15/2010 12:12 am

oh yes just thinking about it now hmmmmm

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