I love riding my bike. (When there is no-one to ride)  

69er_bedfellow 54M
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6/9/2006 3:59 am

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6/10/2006 4:20 pm

I love riding my bike. (When there is no-one to ride)

I love riding my bike. (When there is no-one to ride)

The cold weather is a bit harsh, but if you put on the right gear it's still a real buzz.

The best is getting out on the bike on those crisp spring mornings; the air has a breathtaking freshness that lets you know you are really alive. It smells so clean, with dew glistening on the leaves. The birds dart across the road in front of you, as if to play a game of chicken or chasings. The sun streams through the trees, as the shadows race past in a flurry of nothing. All the new growth on the side of the road is so full of life, showing you the bounty that lies within our earth. The flowers dance in excitement as I race past them, leaning into the corners & powering out of them. You’re so close to nature, as it races past you, or you past it ! Your eyes are soaking up all that beauty, the wonders, the small miracles that we just take for granted. They are just pouring past you; yet being consumed in a flight of an optical whirlwind of fantasy & reality all blurred into one.

Really, it’s the next best thing to sex in the middle of some pristine bushland; so now you know why I love to ride…………………

Have 2 much fun


luciouslady60 56F
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6/10/2006 5:19 am

hi there 69er bed fellow, sounds like the best fun you can have I have only been on the back of big bikes ducati 900 and honda 750 four triumph, but have never been on a harley, ive had a scooter before and that was ok but not half as much fun as you are flying through the air at 120 a hour its really cool, it doesn"t really matter to you if its a little cold as it still feels like the best.

by the way I really like the way you write,you have a definate gift there> anyway must fly now.

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