day into night...a fantasy continues  

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3/14/2005 8:41 pm

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day into night...a fantasy continues

They lay on the hotel bed as night begins to fall, and the lights in the skyscrapers around them cast shadows on the rumpled sheets. Momentarily sated, they've slept awhile; when she awakes, his head on her breasts, his leg and arm pinning her to the bed possessively. The room smells like sex: musky, heavy, erotic.

She sighs as she slides out from under him. He sleeps like the dead, silently, his dark hair and beard a contrast against white linen.

She tiptoes to the bathroom, across a soft carpet strewn with their hastily discarded clothes. Her thighs are slick and sticky; her pussy and ass tender from the assault of his mouth, fingers and cock. Slowly closing the door before she turns on the light, she crosses to the sink and stares at the stranger in the mirror, makeup smeared, lipstick non-existent. She turns on the shower in the marble and glass enclosure and enters.

Closing her eyes and remembering it all, the steamy heat and soothing water surrounds her like a cocoon. Her tentative knock, answered. The hurried intense encounter by the door, pure unadulterated animal sex, followed by an even more intense joining on the bed before they finally simmered into a more sensual, relaxed encounter and ultimate sleep. Their first meeting. Strangers but not strangers. Lovers, but not intimates.

The shower door silently opens and she is enveloped in warmth of a different kind: skin covering muscle covering bone. He turns her in his arms and kisses her deeply, fully. Their skin slides with water and slippery soap, an excuse to linger over parts unexplored in their hurry to come together earlier. She takes a nipple into her mouth and pulls on it, nibbling as she sucks. His hands close around her head and guide her lower, to his hard cock, so smooth and hot in her mouth now. He thrusts into her mouth again and again and she holds on tight to his ass, nails digging into him. He moans deeply as he turns her around, bends her over and slides his long fingers between her legs. The wetness he finds there is slicker than water, the warmth of her pussy even more inviting than her mouth. She arches her back as he enters her, hard. Squeezing and sliding back against him with each thrust, she finds her release as he shoots deep inside her, throbbing and swelling with the pulse heartbeat and climax.


3/24/2005 12:37 am

Sounds good wouldn't mind having that happen for real!

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