morning delight  

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9/6/2006 11:35 am
morning delight

what a day it was. i talked to one of my friends this morning. after last night we talked and he said he was feeling sick so he would call in. and he did. i had some things come up and i almost did not think i would make it. but i did. and man was i glad. i took with me a few things and i got to his house. it was nice he had laid a blanket on the floor with some pillows and lighted some candles. all that we needed was some music. as i was getting into the living room he came from behind me and removed my sweater. slowly he took my shirt off and then i felt his hands on my bra. as he was taking that off he turned me around and undid my pants. he slid them off with my panties and sat me on his sofa. before i knew it he had his face buried between my legs. man i just held myself up and let him feast on me. i could feel his tongue ever so soflty over my clit and then he would go in nice and hard. the roughness of his unshaved face mad me tingle. it was great. i could not withstand the wonderful feeling that i kind of wrapped my legs around his head and he did not stop. oh my god what a feeling. i let myself fall to the sofa. i was so breathless. after that we laid ourselves on the floor and i began to suck on his dick.
i let my tongue run up and down his shaft and then he asked me for my pussy. damn he really wanted it. we were at 69 by this time. yeah man he has a way with his tongue. i think that at some time he had his tongue on my ass or what ever it was, it was feeling good.
i laid myself on the pillows and he entered my hot wet pussy. i was wanting him so bad. his dick was just right for me and our movements were great. right together. i had my legs up over on his shoulders and i could feel every thrust he made it seemed to touch my ribs. then i was on my side still he was doing me with the same strength. (this man can go all day.)
it was hot he turned on the fan i got some water at some point. i was just so exhausted.
this time he laid back on the pillows. i had teased him already about doing his ass. and he said no. but i get what i want. so as i lay netween his legs i sucked his dick. then i slowly went down to his ball. licking them and sucking on them so slowly. he was enjoying it and he could not deny it. slowly i was going further i played with his ass with my nails and i could hear him moan. then slowly my tongue found its way to his ass. yeah by this time he had already lifted his hips up higher giving me room for me. i put my tongue on his ass and he moaned even more. i just kept teasing it never really doing nothing ot it. now he was ready to have me ride him.
so i got on him and i did ride him for all the strenth that i had left. i was so tired. just doing that i had came 5 times. and that was not counting before hand. i was really tired and just when i thought i could no longer go. he was.
he wanted to fuck my ass real bad once aain. i was ready. once again he used my vibrator "to loosen me up" as he said. after about 2 minutes i was ready for him. so he took the vibrator out and he entered my ass. more baby faster is all i could hear my self say. when he finally was done i think we just had to lay there and enjoy the moment. it had been a long satisfying morning. hoping to have more just like that. or afternoons, or evenings. it would all be great.

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