good morning to me  

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4/20/2006 11:40 am

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good morning to me

well this morning was normal to me. get up and get htings started until i checked my messages and he was on. he said he could be here in a while if i wanted him to be and i just said sure i have nothing better to do. so yes he was here in like 45 min. i barely had time to get myself ready, but i at least got to brush my teeth. good thing too because as soon as he came in he greabbed me and kissed me. it felt so good. i got his hand and walked him upstairs to my room. there we kissed some more and he started in on my pants. lucky for him i was only wearing a tank top and some pants with nothing under. i undid his pants and went down to him. he wise nice and slender and i was wondering how that was going to feel inside me.
i was on him for a while and then he took my pants down and man he was not kiddding when he said that he would make me cum at least twice before he came up. i was in lala land all the half hour he was down there.all i could do was hold the blanket and scream. i would lift my hips all the way up to him, and he would just keep licking me all. i had never had a man do that to me for so long. it felt so good. after i came the 3rd time i brought him up and kissed allmy cum off his mouth and he went right bacj down. i could not stand it it was so great. i could feel him licking all the way down to my ass and all the way up to my clit it was extacy.
slowly i could feel his finger in my ass and i knew that he was just waiting for the chance to ram that dick of his into me. he would not come up. so i finally told him tat i wanted his dick. he stood there in front of me and watched me as i sucked his dick.up and down and then i stoked his balls and licked them so softly. until i started to suck him again. i had him lay on the bed and i kept going. this was already almost about after half an hour after he got here and he came in my mouth. yeah i even swallowed him. i kept sucking on his dick until he asked for a time out. so we stopped and kist laid in bed for a while we were already all sweaty and sticky it was good. all he said was we were all tired and we had not had sex yet. yeah that was right.
so after a bit of water and we both got our breath i got back on him and i rode him. i was already real nice and wet and i could tell he was enjoyin every stride i was giving him. by the time i knew it i was on my side and he was doing me like that. slowly i turned ono my stomach and gave him my ass. as i lay on my stopmach he stayed inside me until he made me cum again. by this time it was all wet and he knew that it was time. he slowly entered my ass and he fucked me. i just thrust my ass up at him and he thrust himself into me real nice and slow. slowly i had to push my ass up on him and he fucked me harder.
we stopped again and took a breather again and then we went at it again. i got onto him again making him cum once more. we looked at the time and i had to get ready to leave so we got up ever so slowly and walked to the shower. i thought we were going to clean up.
butno this time he came up behind me and began to kiss my neck and it was on again, i leaned over the sink and put my leg up and around him and he came into me again. right now my legs were so weak i did not think i could stay up any longer. i did what anyone else would do. i switched legs and i let him ram me with the last strength that we both had left over.
this time that was the end. we got showered and dressed and i had to let him go on his way. he asked if i would like another visit and of course i said HELL YEAH!!!!!
so there will be another visit.....hopefully sooner than later

69baby75 43F

4/21/2006 8:20 am

bbq- yeah i was thinking the same thing, about me going ot visit you as well. i felt your hand on my ass all night.we will have our chance

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