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9/22/2005 11:58 am

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well today i had a great mrning planned with the same guy from last wed. i was so ready for him and then i get a call and i have to go and do some other things. and it is not like i can say hey i cant go with you i have someone comming over. they all know i have nothing else to do that does not involve my house. so i was not able to be with him and i was so hot. but to my surprise my mailman must of smelled that i was lusting over someone. he called me out and since no one was around he planted one big kiss on me. i was so shocked. he had always said that he liked me but i never, never, never, thought in that way. talk about an out of body experience. i was like looking down on me and wondering if that was really happening to me. he pulled my shirt down and took my breast out of my blouse and started to suck on it. (and yes i let him it felt real good)but then he went up to my neck and he made me a hicky, and that just pissed me off. what man would do that to someone knowing that they are married and that is against all the rules. i told him to stop and he had to go. now how i am i supposed to look at him again as a friend. i guess i should have not let him think anything would ever happen with us. it could have been a good thing if i wasnt so freaked out over it though.

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9/22/2005 2:23 pm

A hickey! How junior high school!

goldri452 64M

9/22/2005 3:48 pm

Some guys are just idiots. A spontaneous encounter can be incredibly exciting but stepping over the line like that just leaves bad feelings. I hpe you get to have other experiences like that without the downer to go with it.

69baby75 44F

9/23/2005 6:07 am

mustang yes you are right although i do like my hubby to leave me one every once in a while(but where youcant see it) it makes me feel young)
goldri- well he will get his next time i see him see how he likes.but can i be a cold blooded bitch like that. yeah i can. he knows that i can not be found out for everyones sake.

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