cum on over  

69baby75 43F
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8/23/2006 6:18 am
cum on over

well i had a few friends over these past few days. i have been real lonely for certain reasons but i figure why should the men suffer. i had one friend come over monday. we were just talking on the phone and then i told him he could come over whenever he wanted. well he was at my door in like 5 min. we kissed and i then i set him down on the sofa. i pulled down his pants and began to caress his nice long dick. i ran my tongue on his dick licking so softly. running my tongue up and down his shaft. he started to fuck my mouth. i love knowing that my man is enjoying it. he would hold my head and so softly push me into him. i let him do me the way he wanted. harder and harder he began to push his dick all the way into my mouth. i could feel him all in my throat. i removed my top and now i had his dick inbetween my breast. yeah he pulled on my nipples and masaged my breast. faster he fucked my breast me licking his dick eery time it came up. he said he was ready to cum. so i took him in my mouth once again and let him fuck my mouth. yeah he finally came 3 mouth fulls of cum went in. i almost thought i was going to choak on all that. he said it had been a while and damn it sure seemed like it. we got up cleaned up and said that i still owed him one, because he wanted to fuck my pussy. well when ever there is more time and he is not working we will have a better time.

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