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5/23/2005 2:07 am

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A thing called people's edge is these days which thinks how it is mysterious.
I might meet with the woman of an acquaintance that they had not carried out especially connection on work, either, although Japanese every place have many opportunities to go to the West and Europe from the first.
Even if it called it the acquaintance, relations were only quite good at the time of childhood, and it was a cause that the partner here has not noticed at a glance, either, but I spoke him with the bar ^^;
Although he will notice an acquaintance and night will be passed as it is, while exchanging word as duplicity and language ...
If it thinks anew, I will feel that the surprising thing has been done...
when you also go out to a foreign country and it speaks, the way after waiting for a while may be good -- ? (bitter smile)

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